Take part in the European Euromillions lottery: rules and game

More is better!

Many will wonder, how does this happen, that this lottery can afford such fabulous amounts of winnings, and it also gives the biggest chance to win something among the famous lotteries? The whole point is, that unlike most lotteries, this one is not limited to one country. Total participation in it 9 different countries with their own ticket sales organizers. But all the money goes into one prize fund, which grows to incredible sizes. In order to increase the chances, the lottery uses a unique ticket format. When will you buy your ticket?, You will not only need to select the main numbers from fifty fields, but also choose additional ones, so called, lucky stars or Lucky Stars. These are the numbers from 1 to 11. Their use allows you to maximize your chances of winning. That is, increase the number of prize payments, at the moment it is 13, more, than anywhere else!

Besides, this lottery, as already said, biggest jackpot! Every time, when the main winnings remain uncollected, it goes over and is added to the amount for the next draw, which allows the overall value to reach record levels 195 million euros! But that’s not all. When the amount reaches this level, it stays on it for several plays and then doesn’t disappear into nowhere! It is divided between those participants, who guessed right 5 from the main rooms and 1 star. Thus, getting a share of the EuroMillions jackpot is much more likely, than in other lotteries!

Besides, for each, who bought tickets in a certain country, There is also a bonus draw! For those, who bought the ticket in Britain, a drawing is held using a unique number on it, which also allows you to get a significant prize. Additional drawings are also held in other participating countries, but already on those numbers, which were personally chosen by each participant. So the chances of being left without a prize are not very high!

Besides, one might say, that this is one of the most trusted lotteries, which only exist in the world. And this is directly related to her story.

Record winnings[edit | edit code]

Rating Date Prize in Euro Prize in pounds sterling Side
1 15 October 2021 220.000.000 185.548.000,00 France
2 26 February 2021 210.000.000 182.028.000,00 Switzerland
3 11 December 2020 200.000.000 183.120.000,00 France
4 8 October 2019 190.000.000 170.221.000,00 Great Britain
4 6 October 2017 190.000.000 170.810.000,00 Spain
4 24 October 2014 190.000.000 149.758.000,00 Portugal
4 10 August 2012 190.000.000 148.656.000,00 Great Britain
8 12 July 2011 185.000.000 161.653.000,00 Great Britain
9 19 February 2019 175.475.380 152.400.366,00 Ireland
10 13 November 2012 169.837.010 136.124.363,00 France
11 11 October 2016 168.085.323 153.361.048,00 Belgium
12 20 November 2015 163.553.041 114.814.234,00 Portugal
13 2 October 2018 162.403.002 144.603.632,00 Switzerland
14 13 September 2011 162.256.622 141.872.754,94 France
15 1 September 2020 157.170.843 139.992.069,00 France
16 2 June 2017 153.873.716 134.808.762,00 Belgium
17 2 April 2021 144.755.907 122.550.350,80 Great Britain
18 7 July 2020 144.542.315 130.059.174,00 Spain
19 24 April 2018 138.724.202 121.328.187,00 Great Britain
20 11 June 2019 138.716.863 123.458.008,00 Great Britain
21 13 June 2014 137.313.501 109.589.905,00 Spain
22 19 December 2017 135.346.147 119.876.081,00 Switzerland
23 29 March 2013 132.486.744 112.017.541,00 France
24 25 September 2020 130.000.000 118.729.000,00 Spain
25 4 June 2021 130.000.000 111.540.000,00 Great Britain
26 7 February 2020 130.000.000 110.500.000,00 Spain
27 8 October 2010 129.818.431 113.019.926,00 Great Britain
28 1 January 2019 129.645.665 114.969.775,70 Great Britain
29 14 March 2014 129.384.564 107.932.603,20 Great Britain
30 12 June 2015 129.204.405 93.388.943,90 Great Britain
31 8 May 2009 126.231.764 113.027.921,50 Spain
32 19 November 2019 122.766.852 105.100.701,90 Great Britain
33 13 May 2011 121.019.633 105.892.179,00 Spain
34 7 October 2011 117.705.979 101.203.600,70 Great Britain
35 29 July 2005 115.436.126 79.650.927,00 Ireland

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Can you play EuroMillions abroad?

Yes, you can play the game online from anywhere in the world on theLotter. You don’t have to be in a EuroMillions country to play. All you have to do is log in and you can play online.

Until what time can you play EuroMillions?

You can play the game up until the cutoff time, which is 20:30 CEST. That’s just 15 minutes before the draw takes place. If you’re playing online, remember that you can only play up until a few hours before the draw.

How many countries play the EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery played in nine countries – Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Can you play EuroMillions in advance?

Yes, you can. On theLotter, you can opt for a Multi-Draw package, which gets you in the game for the following draws (you choose how many) or you can choose a subscription to make sure you don’t miss another draw.

4 place — Lottery in Italy “SuperEnaloto” — Total prize fund — 177,8 million €, biggest win – 177,8 million €


SuperEnaloto is the main national lottery in Italy. The game has been around since December 1997 of the year. Draws are held on Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays at 20:00, and the jackpots of this lottery are among the largest in the world. SuperEnalotto also holds the record for longest period of prize pool growth, it lasted 8 months.

The SuperEnalotto prize pool can easily increase to infinity

for an unlimited number of circulations, which allows her to accumulate huge sums, and players win millions of euros. The game is also very attractive to players, because winnings are not taxed, and winners have the right to claim their winnings in annual payments or in a lump sum.

Madonna and George Clooney purchased SuperEnaloto tickets at one of the Venice festivals, the first one even won 120 thousand €. And the largest lottery jackpot in October 2010 reached the year 177,8 million €, which equals 247 millions of dollars. It became the second largest jackpot in Europe.

3 place — Transnational lottery “EuroMillions” — Total prize fund — 190 million €, biggest win – 190 million €


The EuroMillions game was launched in 2004 year. She quickly gained popularity. It is the largest game in Europe today. Large jackpot prize pool, which grows due to transfers of the prize fund, as well as the simplicity of the game made it possible to expand the number of participating countries to nine from 3 to 2004 year. EuroMillions was originally held in Spain, UK and France, and today Austria joined them, Ireland, Andorra, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Portugal.

The minimum lottery jackpot is €15 million., however, quite often it increases above €100 million. EuroMillions has 13 prize nominations, which allows players to count on a higher probability of receiving a prize. The largest prize won so far is the jackpot in 190 million €. It was won twice: V 2014 year in Portugal and in 2012 year in the UK. Colin and Chris Weir in 2011 won in the UK 185 million. €.

How to play EuroMillions

As soon as you bought a Euromillions ticket, it just takes a few quick steps, to play online on your computer or smartphone or at your local lottery store. Which option will you choose, depends on personal preference. Regulations, ticket price, your chance of winning remains the same. The only difference is, that you can choose more random numbers, if you buy a ticket at a local lottery store.

Step 1: Select numbers

You must choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two numbers Luck Stars from 1 to 12. If you are playing online, enter your numbers in the appropriate fields. If you are playing in a physical store, you must draw a thick horizontal line on the number, which you want to choose. There is also a "Lucky Dip" option, if you prefer, so that random numbers are selected for you.

Step 2: select number of lines, which you want to play

You will find, that the Euromillions payroll is divided into several "lines" or "boards". It means, that you can send more than one set of numbers. Play online and you can purchase up to seven lines, whereas in a lottery store you can only buy five lines. However, if you choose the "Lucky Coupon" option, you can buy so many tickets, as much as you want.

Step 3: select your draws

Draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays every week. When you buy your ticket and choose your numbers, you have to decide, which draw do you want to take part in?. If you wish, you can take part in a maximum of eight consecutive draws in advance.

Step 4: Pay for your applications

You pay per line, which you want to send, not for a separate ticket. In the UK, the cost is £2.50 per line entered in one EuroMillions draw. If you decide to play on multiple boards or participate in multiple draws, the cost increases proportionally. For every line of numbers submitted you will also receive one UK Millionaire Maker lottery code.

Millionaire Maker is a draw specifically for UK Euromillions players. You participate automatically, when you pay for your recordings, and the prize is guaranteed. 1 £1 million for at least one lucky winner.

Keep your ticket safe

If you purchased lottery numbers in a store, take care of your ticket because you will need to provide it, if you want to claim your prize. You have the option to print your name, address and signature on the back of your application. This should prevent anyone else from receiving your prize.. If you are playing online, your tickets are automatically saved to your account.

Check EuroMillions results

Buy your tickets online and you will be notified of the results. However, if you buy tickets in a store, it is your responsibility to check the results using the results checker on the website. Euromillions website.

Lottery La Primitiva

La Primitiva is considered one of the oldest lotteries in the world. If you want to know more, read the article history of lotteries. The modern history of the lottery began in 1985 year. Like most modern lotteries, draws are held twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays.

La Primitiva is carried out according to the following scheme: first from the drum, which contains balls with numbers from one to forty-nine, the lottery drum selects seven balls - six main and an additional. Then another ball is selected - one of nine.

The probabilities of winning prizes of various categories are presented in the table below:


Number of coincidences



6 main balls + reintegrate

1 To 139 838 160


6 main balls

1 To 13 983 816


5 main balls + extra ball

1 To 2 330 000


5 main balls

1 To 54 201


4 basic ball

1 To 1 032


3 basic ball

1 To 57


Reinegro ball match

1 To 10

It should be noted, what for, to win the jackpot, you need to guess not only 6 numbers from 49, but also the so-called reintegro. Thus, the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 To 139 838 160. However, prizes for 6 numbers are usually around a million euros, which is also quite good.

Jackpot in primitive, as in many modern lotteries, moves on to the next edition, if it has not been played in the current. It can reach 50 million euros. On 30 November 2013 year it was 27 millions. Read about other big wins here.

When Are the EuroMillions Draws?

EuroMillions draws are held twice a week in Paris on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45, local time (CEST). While the game is played in x countries, the winning numbers are drawn in Paris.

When you play EuroMillions online, you can purchase your tickets before the draw and then simply check your EuroMillions numbers to see if you have won any of the prizes.

How Do You Win the EuroMillions?

When you play the EuroMillions lottery, your main goal is to match all the 5 main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars. This earns you the big jackpot in the game. Aside from this, there are 12 more prizes you can win if you match some of the winning numbers. The more you guess, the more you win! Even matching 2 of the 5 main numbers earns you a prize in the EuroMillions, so make sure you check your ticket carefully!

Which Countries Is the EuroMillions Played in?

At the moment, there are 9 EuroMillions countries – Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Each country follows the same game format and offers the same EuroMillions prizes, but some of them offer some extra features as well, such as the EuroMillions raffles. When you play the game online, you can choose which version of the game you want to play.

€ 73 Million


Where Can You Play EuroMillions Raffles?

Some of the EuroMillions countries offer raffles. These are Spain, the UK, Austria, France, Ireland, and Switzerland. Each of these hosts its own raffle, which is an extra chance to win in the lottery! You can scoop some impressive prizes without matching any of the EuroMillions numbers. Raffle prizes go to those who have the winning codes on their tickets.

How Can You Play EuroMillions Online?

The EuroMillions is available in 9 countries, but you can play the game online from anywhere in the world. With lottery messenger services, you can simply set up an account and make the purchase online. Your top choice is the world-leading company, theLotter. Their agents will get official tickets from authorized retailers and make the entire process accessible to you.

You can try your luck by entering your numbers right here:

The Advantages of Playing EuroMillions Online

Don’t play EuroMillions online just because it is the simplest way to get in the game! There are quite a few advantages that come with it! Take a look!

  • Convenience – Fill out your entry, make the online purchase, and you are done. Then, you can check results and catch up on the latest news online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Play EuroMillions with Official Tickets – theLotter gets you official EuroMillions tickets from authorized retailers and then stores them safely on your behalf. You are the only legal owner of the ticket, which means that you are entitled to all the winnings it may generate.
  • Safety – When you play with physical tickets, you have to find a safe place to store them. When you play EuroMillions on theLotter, your tickets are stored in a safe for you. If you win any of the EuroMillions prizes, you can rest assured that your entry is safe.
  • Automatic Win Notifications – Millions in prize money go uncollected every year. When you play online, you’ll be notified via email or SMS every time you win.
  • Play Strategy Opportunities – theLotter offers EuroMillions syndicates, bundles, and systematic forms, which can help you improve your odds of winning. Boost your game by playing online!

2 place — US Lottery “Powerball” — Total prize fund — 600 millions $, biggest win – 600 millions $


The American game Powerball is the strongest and main rival to Mega Millions. The game Powerball was founded in 1988 year and today it is the most important player in this market. The initial Powerball jackpot is 40 million dollars. She has one of the largest jackpots in the world.

This amount several times reached more than $500 million.

The lottery has a “Power play” function for an additional fee., allowing you to increase your winnings several times in case of winning. Tickets can be purchased at 45 American states, while Powerball can be played by players from all over the world, purchasing through a special service. Powerball drawing, and prizes are awarded to lottery participants in nine prize categories in Florida every Saturday and Wednesday on 23:00.

In mine 2013 year, the Powerball game held a drawing $600 million, which became the second largest record jackpot. Its sole owner was an 84-year-old pensioner, living in Florida.

How does the EuroMillions lottery work??

To win the EuroMillions jackpot, you must choose seven numbers correctly: five regular numbers and two “lucky stars”. Five regular numbers can be in any order, like two lucky stars. Regular numbers are from 1 to 50, and lucky stars – from 1 to 12.

EuroMillions Payouts:

Here are the EuroMillions payouts for all the different number combinations:

  • Five regular numbers and two lucky stars: jackpot
  • Five regular numbers and one lucky star: 130 554,30 pounds *
  • Five regular numbers and no lucky star: 13 561,20 pound sterling *
  • Four regular numbers and two lucky stars: 844,70 pounds
  • Four regular numbers and one lucky star: 77,80 pound sterling
  • Four regular numbers and no lucky star: 25,60 pounds
  • Three regular numbers and two lucky stars: 37,30 pounds
  • Three regular numbers and one lucky star: 7,30 pound sterling
  • Three regular numbers and no lucky star: 6 pounds
  • Two regular numbers and two lucky stars: 9,10 pound sterling
  • Two regular numbers and one lucky star: 3,60 pound sterling
  • Two regular numbers and no lucky stars: 2,50 pound sterling
  • One regular number and two lucky stars: 4,30 pound sterling

* note, that these numbers could rise, if the jackpot limit is reached

EuroMillions Lottery Payout Changes

note, that payments changed in February 2020 of the year. These changes allowed for larger jackpots, but reduced the value of smaller prizes

Chances of winning remain the same.

Odds of winning the EuroMillions lottery:

The chances of winning a prize at any level are approximately 1 from 13. Odds for certain prize levels are distributed as follows::

  • Jackpot level: 1: 139 838 160
  • 1-th level: 1: 6 991 908
  • 2-th level: 1: 3 107 515
  • 3-th level: 1: 621 503
  • 4-th level: 1: 31 076
  • 5-th level: 1: 14,126
  • 6-th level: 1: 13 812
  • 7-th level: 1: 986
  • 8-th level: 1: 707
  • 9-th level: 1: 314
  • 10-th level: 1: 188
  • 11 level: 1:50
  • 12-th level: 1:22

These odds do not change regardless, how many people are playing, because the numbers, which you can choose, are fixed. If several people select a set of winning numbers, the prize is divided among all winners.

It means, that a number selection strategy that is focused on choosing less popular numbers, can bring you a bigger prize, if you win the jackpot.

You can also choose to automatically draw numbers. EuroMillions calls this option Lucky Dip.

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