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How to Play Euromillions

The foundation of Euromillions lies in its simple yet engaging number selection process. As a player, you choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two “Lucky Star” numbers from 1 to 12. If all seven of your numbers match the drawn numbers, you hit the jackpot! However, even if you don’t match all the numbers, you could still win one of the smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers.

All About the Bets: Single, Multiple, and Groups

Euromillions offers different betting options to suit every player’s style. When it comes to playing Euromillions, depending on where you choose to play, you can choose from one of 3 betting modes: single bets, multiple bets or join a syndicate.

Simple or Single Bets

Simple bets are the most classic and easiest way to play. It consists of completing a single Euromillions ticket, which allows you to fill in up to a maximum of 5 single bets. You can choose whether to complete a single bet or to mark up to 5. However, each simple bet has an individual price, so the more simple bets you place, the higher the total price of the ticket.

Multiple Bets

Multiple bets allow you to play many more bets than the 5 allowed on a single ticket. When you buy a ticket to play Euromillions, by checking the multiple bets option, you will automatically be able to mark more numbers than those allowed in a single bet (5 numbers plus 2 stars). The more numbers you select, the greater the number of combinations formed in total between all those numbers, thus increasing the odds of winning (and the total price of the ticket).

Joining Forces: Euromillions Syndicates or Groups

A syndicate, group or lottery pool is the best option to play a lot of bets without having to spend a lot of money. Groups consist of several players who join forces to buy several tickets together and share the prizes won. There can be 2 types of groups:

  • Private groups: Usually formed between family members or friends.
  • Public groups (syndicates): These are groups in which anyone can choose to participate and which tend to be much larger. To join one of these syndicates, you need to buy one or more “shares”. Between all the money collected from the shares of the members of the group, as many bets as possible are bought. If there are winning bets, the prizes are distributed among the members of the syndicate in proportion to the number of shares that each member has contributed.

Whether you prefer the thrill of buying a physical ticket or the convenience of playing online, Euromillions has got you covered. You can purchase tickets at retail stores or via online platforms. While in-store purchases offer a tangible ticket, online purchases allow for easy number selection, automatic result checking, public groups or syndicates, and direct deposit of winnings into your account.


If you need any more information about playing EuroMillions or how prizes work, take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

When do EuroMillions draws take place?

EuroMillions draws are held in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at around 09:00 PM CET. You can find the latest winning numbers above straight after the draw.

Does the jackpot roll over if no one wins it?

Yes, if no one matches five numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the jackpot, it will roll over and increase in value for the following draw. It will keep rolling over until someone wins it or it reaches the cap of €250 million where it must be won after five draws.

What is a EuroMillions Superdraw?

Superdraws are special draws in which the jackpot is increased to a big amount, usually at least €130 million. They are played in exactly the same way as standard draws and if no one wins the jackpot it rolls over. Two or three Superdraws are held per year but they do not take place on a set date – they are usually announced a few weeks in advance.

Do you win with 2 numbers on EuroMillions?

Yes- matching two numbers will win you a prize in EuroMillions as it’s the fewest numbers you can match and still win something. The prize is not fixed and will vary from draw to draw depending on the number of winners and the number of entries sold.

Is a lucky dip more likely to win?

Buying an entry with your own numbers has the same odds of winning as buying a lucky dip. The advantage a lucky dip has is it will choose the five numbers and two lucky stars from the entire ball pool, compared to people who choose their numbers sometimes favouring significant dates like birthdays or anniversaries, which limits the range of numbers chosen 31 (as there are maximum 31 days in a month). However it’s completely possible that all the winning numbers are in a range lower than 31 so any set of numbers could be a winner!

Which country buys the most EuroMillions tickets?

Not all countries provide data showing how many EuroMillions tickets they sold, but it is expected that French players buy the most EuroMillions tickets as they have had the most winners since February 2004. Portugal and Spain both release this information and sell roughly 2.5 and 4 million tickets respectively for a normal jackpot. When EuroMillions last reached its cap in October 2019, Portugal sold over 6million and Spain over 9 million.

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