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Euromillions lottery rules

Residents of other countries have the opportunity to participate in the lottery through an official licensed operator and an online ticket. For all participants, regardless of their citizenship, a single set of rules applies. Its main postulates:

  • the player must be older 18 years (not all sellers require documents, confirming age, but if a minor wins, there may be problems with issuing the prize);
  • must be selected 2 any numbers in the range from 1 to 50 (for the first playing field);
  • you also need to additionally select 2 sidereal numbers ranging from 1 to 12 (for the second playing field);
  • Only tickets are included in the draw, purchased before the start of the drawing, more precisely for 15 minutes before it starts;
  • The draw takes place twice a week - on Tuesday and Friday - on 20:45 Paris time.

Maximum possible winnings: 190.000.000 Euro or so 170 million pounds sterling (UK residents receive winnings in the latest currency, all others in Euro). There is no need to rush to get money, The validity period of winning tickets is quite long:

  • 180 days for paper tickets, bought in England;
  • 60 days for paper tickets, purchased in France;
  • 2-4 months for paper tickets, purchased in other participating countries.

Payment for online tickets usually occurs automatically and without the player’s personal participation. Within a very short time after notification of the win, the operator credits the money due to the account, from which the ticket was purchased, or to another account specified by the winner.

Types of p2p strategies and mirror transaction

Successful actions in financial markets require the presence of certain strategies. The most common earning methods for p2p traders:

Buying and selling advertising. Some p2p exchanges allow you to buy and sell advertising. You can specify a higher price, to increase income, or lower price, to attract more clients.
Arbitrage trading. This is the purchase of cryptocurrency on one platform, and then selling it to another at a slightly higher cost.
Reducing transaction time by conducting mirror transactions. Time is precious in p2p trading. You need to buy and sell as quickly as possible. Mirror transaction allows you to significantly reduce transaction time

It is very important to carry it out within six hours after the first tranche.
Making profit based on a convenient payment method. If a trader offers a cryptocurrency asset, For example, for Russian rubles from a credit card, and there are not many such offers on the platform, cryptocurrency buyers, more likely, will pay more

That is, people, who like to make transfers in their local currency, should pay more, since their national currency is not widely used.

These strategies for p2p trading have proven themselves quite well. They are tested and reliable.

Latest circulation statistics

In the latest EuroMillions lottery draw, the numbers drawn were 13, 17, 18, 20, 46, as well as additional balls with numbers 4 and 9. The sum of the main balls was 114, even numbers are dropped 3, odd ones – 2, small numbers dropped 4, large – 1.

The lottery EuroMillions
Draw date and time 14.02.2024 00:00
Jackpot €49 000 000 Euro
Drawn numbers


Sum of main balls 114
Highest number drawn from the main balls 46
Lowest number drawn from the main balls 13
Number of even main numbers 3
Number of odd main numbers 2
There are more even main numbers, than odd Yes
Number of small rooms 4
Number of large rooms 1
More small rooms, than larger Yes

P2P arbitration

This type of income was left for dessert. Because he really deserves it. P2P arbitration has become popular in 2022 year and resembles regular cryptocurrency arbitrage. Who's off topic, the essence of the arbitration was, that the cost of the same coin on different exchanges can be different. It turns out, what was possible, For example, buy bitcoin on one site, transfer to another and sell there at a better price. But crypto exchanges quickly identified this vulnerability and fixed it..

But with P2P arbitration the situation is different. This is not just about, to buy crypto cheaper, and sell for more. Everything is much more cunning. The point is, that individual exchangers, crypto exchanges, P2P platforms and other similar entities set cryptocurrency conversion rates in accordance with their realities. They depend on current market prices, commissions, from the front and gives a reserve. If, For example, some exchanger has accumulated a lot of a certain crypt, then he may need to get rid of it quickly. In this case, he sets an exchange rate that is favorable for users.

Profit in P2P arbitration is precisely born from the gap, which appears in exchange for converting one cryptocurrency to another, as well as regular fiat money. As a result, an experienced arbitrageur begins to make an exchange, For example, with $1000, and after all conversions are completed, he receives it in his account $1040. That is, he earns per lap 4%. Having done 10 consecutive such exchanges, will already be on the arbitrator's account +40%.

And somehow it is impossible to stop this income. Because it is born from the very specifics of the existence of freely convertible cryptocurrencies. Main, find a working link, consisting most often of a crypto exchange, Bank, exchanger, etc.. p.

Euromillions game rules

Players select a combination of five main numbers from 1 to 50, as well as two star rooms from 1 to 12. Ticket sales stop at 20:30 French time on the day of the relevant lottery draw. The rules are simple: the more numbers and stars the participant guesses, the higher his winnings will be.

When you go to the site you can see the line, which consists of five identical columns. Each has fifty squares. The second part contains twelve squares. They are all numbered. The player places a check mark under the values ​​he has chosen. There is an additional option, opening more lines. The total amount of combinations is displayed in the lower right corner. Next, the lottery participant pays for the tickets using one of the twenty available methods. After payment, tickets are accepted for processing and officially become participants in the lottery.

Player, who correctly indicated the combination in full, gets the jackpot. The main prize amount will be from 17 million euros. But if in a certain draw it was not played, then it is transferred cumulatively to the next. The maximum jackpot size can be 200 million euros. The minimum winnings are for correctly guessing two numbers.

How to play and win - recommendations

Get information about international draws, can be found on the Internet on pages titled “How to Play”. At the same time, it is worth remembering, that fraud in the lottery business is rampant, this fate did not spare the interethnic draw. Fraud often involves convincing people, that they won a prize randomly via mobile phone. The essence and strategy of deception is the transaction of funds to pay the tax on a “fictitious prize”.

Fraud - how to spot the catch:


  1. It is impossible to win a prize without purchasing a lottery ticket.
  2. To win, the numbers on the ticket must match the drawn balls.
  3. The EuroMillions Lottery does not randomly select telephone numbers or email addresses..
  4. In case of winning, representatives of the international lottery do not contact the participant directly.
  5. Taxation is a scam, such requirements simply do not exist.

The above points indicate that, that you should not trust calls or SMS sent about possible winnings.

EuroMillions - how to play?

When are the drawings held?

And the EuroMillions lottery jackpot, usually, takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 21:30 pm Paris time. To win, players need to guess 5 main numbers and 2 additional («Lucky Stars»).

How to increase your chances of winning

You can find the latest EuroMillions results on our website immediately after the draw. Increase your chances of winning the jackpot, buy more than one ticket, and luck will smile on you. You can play EuroMillions online on the official website. Anyone can get the jackpot. Buy your lottery ticket, and today you will get an additional chance to become a millionaire.

Receiving a prize

If you are in Russia when you win, that, according to Euromillions lotto rules, You can receive your winnings only in this country. Don't forget about it, when you start your lottery. All prizes are paid regardless of, Which country are you a citizen of?.

There is one winner per ticket, a single ticket is not a requirement, This does not mean, that you only have to buy one ticket. More tickets - more chances to win. If all tickets win, you will be able to withdraw winnings from only one of them at your discretion.

How to increase your chances of winning?

The jackpot size is published before the start of the drawing. The game offers thirteen different prize categories. There is no exact prize size for a specific combination. The thing is, that all prize sizes, including jackpot, are calculated depending on, exactly how many tickets were purchased?, and also that, how many winning tickets were there in a certain prize category. It's clear, that the more people bet on one successful combination, the smaller the prize each of them will receive.

Chances of winning vary depending on, how many combinations will be won. Euromillions lottery, chances of winning:

Prize category (number of coincidences) Probability of winning Average prize size
5 + 2 stars Jackpot 1:139 838 160 51 000 000€
5 + 1 star jackpot 1:6 991 908 449 000€
5 1:3 107 515 72 000€
4 + 2 stars 1:621 503 4 000€
4 + 1 star 1:31 076 192€
3 + 2 stars 1:14 126 85€
4 1:13 812 80€
2 + 2 stars 986 19€
3 + 1 star 1:707 14€
3 1:314 12€
1 + 2 stars 1:188 10€
2 + 1 star 1:50 7€
2 1:22 4€

Alas, but no mathematical theories help you beat the lottery. You can maximize your chances, entering only all available number combinations, as well as regularly participating in Euromillions. But frequent participation does not guarantee 100% winnings.. An example is the story of seventeen-year-old Jack Park from Scotland. A young man bought a lottery ticket for the first time and immediately won 1 million euros.

How to participate in the lottery from Russia?

However, even without being a resident of one of the countries listed above, You can purchase a ticket through an intermediary company. You can go to a verified representative of one of these companies by clicking the “Buy a ticket” button at the top of the page.

Companies, providing such services, give you the opportunity to go to the website and select numbers. The intermediary places the bid, she takes part in the draw. The algorithm for participating in the lottery is as follows:

  1. Choose five numbers and two stars. This function will also be replaced by “Speed ​​Dial” - in this case a random number combination will be selected. If a person buys a ticket on his own, then he marks five of the fifty numbers on the lottery ticket, as well as two stars out of twelve available.
  2. If the game takes place in a participating country or the person has used the Internet, then you can select additional combinations. They are indicated in the same way. Each additional combination is paid.

The seller accepts the EuroMillions lottery ticket, places a bet. Payment is made using a bank card (any bank will do). Tickets are not printed, but simply saved in the user’s personal account. Tickets purchased online are considered identical to regular tickets when printed..

It is worth noting, that players can take part in additional draws, which may differ in different countries. The same combinations are played, as selected in the main ticket. Eg, in Austria there is a lottery linked, which gives you a chance to win up to 100 thousand euros. There is no huge jackpot in Belgium, however here at least 600 players benefit every time from 500 euro. In France there is a chance to become the owner of a prize amounting to 1 million euros. In Ireland, ten players are guaranteed to receive a prize 5 thousand euros. In Luxembourg, lucky winners are guaranteed prizes from 10 to 100 thousand euros. In Portugal you can become a prize winner in 1 million euros. In Switzerland the prize ranges from 25 to 150 thousand euros. In the UK the amount is set at 1 million euros. All these lotteries are secondary, they give "second chances" to players, who were unlucky in the main lottery.

Advantages and disadvantages of p2p trading

The advantages include:

  • Security of transfers. The P2P exchange protects its clients with two-factor authentication and/or encryption.
  • Variety of payment methods. Since the essence of the activities of p2p platforms is, to connect buyers and sellers, sites offer a wide range of payment methods, including traditional, such as PayPal, credit cards and all digital currencies.
  • Globalization. This trading method has no geographical restrictions. Thus, a crypto trader can trade with anyone in the world, regardless of its location.
  • Availability of customer communities and technical support. Large communities are often created around p2p trading platforms, ready to help. In such groups of like-minded people, the latest trends and news in the cryptocurrency and finance market are discussed.
  • Lack of centralization. P2P exchanges are decentralized. And that means, that no administrative center can govern them. Therefore, no conditions apply to p2p platforms, even in countries, where there are special laws against cryptography.
  • Low costs. There are no trading fees or commissions required on p2p platforms.

As for the disadvantages, then they should not be neglected. Crypto traders are exposed to some risks, and this:

  • Fraud. One of the most significant risks, related to p2p trading, which is often overlooked. There is no centralized control here, therefore the risk of fraud is relatively high. Attackers can create fictitious profiles, to deceive potential sellers or buyers. Thus, you should be aware of these scammers.
  • Low liquidity. P2P crypto exchanges have lower liquidity compared to traditional trading platforms. What does it mean - a situation may arise, when it is impossible to find a counterparty for a trade order. Thus, waiting time will increase, and in the meantime the trend will change, and assets will lose their value.
  • Low trading speed. Transfers on p2p platforms are slower. This is mainly due to freezing and early cancellation of the transfer.

But all of these disadvantages can be easily mitigated with simple steps.. You need to study ratings and reviews, to avoid fraud, cancel orders on time, if the counterparty is not found as soon as possible, and use mirror transactions to speed up processes.

Exchangers for P2P arbitration

Understanding, that P2P arbitration simply has no competitors, and in current conditions this, really, best way to make money on crypto, we understand, that you will now rush to look for bundles. And they will come across exchangers. Therefore, we would like to warn you right away, not all of them are worth believing. Some online exchangers are not entirely honest or are outright scams.

Never trust these exchangers:


Against, having met the following sites in a profitable combination for P2P arbitration, you can safely use them:


How can I play from Russia?

For residents of our country, there are several options for participating in the EuroMillions lottery.

  • The most logical is to buy a ticket in one of the countries, conducting the drawing. But there is an inconvenience- you need to fly into the country. An excellent option - if you are on vacation or on a business trip and make a purchase at the same time.
  • Buying a Euromillions lottery ticket through an intermediary. In this case, you pay more for the ticket, but the agent sends you a scanned copy of the ticket, if you win, transfers money to you. If you receive the Jackpot, you will have to go to the host country and collect the money using the original ticket.
  • The third option for participating in Euromillions is to place a bet on a game in the Euromillions lottery. There are online platforms, completely copying the game strategy, its mechanism of action and rules. Only you fill out the numbers not on the ticket, and in the table on the website. The payout amounts are identical to the real lottery.

The results of the draw can be found out on Parisian television., on the official EuroMillions website or, in case of purchase through intermediaries, Online. Many people recommend playing Euromillions on TheLotter website ( Also, when collaborating with agents, you receive a notification about winnings.

Where to play and how to participate in the Euromillions lottery?

If this happens, that you are currently present in one of the Euromillions participating countries, you can visit your nearest lottery outlet and simply buy traditional Euromillions tickets, to participate in this popular Euromillions lottery.

However, if you live outside Europe or are not currently in Europe, you can participate in the Euromillions lottery, buying Euromillions tickets online with one of two trusted lottery agents.

To play and participate in European lotteries Euromillions with TheLotter. Click on the banner below:

If you would like to play the Euromillions lottery with a second lottery agent, you can play the Euromillions lottery with an alternative operator. Click the banner below, to take part in Euromillions:

Click here, to play the EuroMillions lottery. Play European lottery online.

How to take part in the EuroMillions lottery?
How to play the EuroMillions lottery?
Where to play the European lottery?
Euromillions. European lottery.
Lottery from Europe.

Advantages and disadvantages of P2P arbitration


  • guaranteed income, which is not inferior in size to trading, etc. To. find a link on 3-6% making money per lap is not a problem;
  • with P2P arbitration there is no need to wait for a long time for profit, like an investment, IDO and ICO;
  • do not depend on the market, earn money using P2P arbitration at any time;
  • no need to acquire any special knowledge, like mining, sat down, take the bunch and twist it;
  • no large start-up investment required, since you can start making connections in P2P arbitration even with 1000 rubles, although here, the more you invest, the more you earn.


having carefully studied all the points, It was not possible to identify the disadvantages of P2P arbitration, but with a very big stretch these include difficulties with some exchangers.

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