Winners of the EuroMillions lottery: who won huge sums?

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— SUPER-circulation date is approaching

With the EuroMillions Superdraw taking place this Friday 22 March 2013, all tickets, purchased for the next lottery draw, will automatically be entered into the €100 million super draw., which will take place on Friday 22 March.

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for Tuesday's drawing 19 March, will automatically be entered into the EuroMillions Super Draw on Friday, 22 March.

To enter Tuesday's draw, players can purchase a discounted EuroMillions UK one-off bet 10%!

The super draw will feature a prize pool of €100 million, which will go to the winner if there is a match 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Star balls.

EuroMillions Super Draw takes place next Friday, 22 March, and its main prize will be a mega jackpot of €100 million.

After that, how last week a participant from Portugal made €51 million,

EuroMillions prize pool collapses to €15,000,000 starting point.

However, players should not despair, because the drawing of a huge fortune will take place earlier, than through 2 weeks!

Is there a nicer way to welcome spring?, how to win €100 million? This year's first EuroMillions Super Draw will give you that opportunity. Despite, that a winner was registered in the last draw on Friday, main prize in super draw, still, will be €100 million. despite the current prize pool of €15,000,000.

Super circulation, jackpot which in the past reached €130 million. last time ended in a win in September 2012 of the year.

This comes a month after a string of huge EuroMillions wins.. The most famous winner managed to hit the lottery's record jackpot of €190,000,000!
Due to the incredible number of jackpot wins, Friday's super draw promises to be the first EuroMillions draw of this scale.

Because this week's jackpot is only €15 million, Loyal lottery fans around the world are looking forward to another increase, which would equalize the jackpot, least, with last week's prize. According to the rules for accumulating the prize fund, which have undergone changes in the past year, Now the maximum jackpot amount can only be held for a certain number of draws. Fortunately for the participants, if there are no winners in next week's super draw, The prize fund could grow even more!
According to the new accumulation rules, EuroMillions prize cap cannot exceed €195 million. in the absence of a winner.

Participants can be confident in the obvious benefits of this state of affairs, because this will lead to a “gradual stimulation effect” and means,

What, when the jackpot reaches €195 million. and no one will be able to break it, the entire prize fund will be distributed among secondary winnings, and will not go to the next circulation.

In the upcoming super draw, which is no different from ordinary pranks, the main prize will increase from €15 to €100 million. For that, to win it, participants need to guess 5 main numbers, and 2 Lucky Star ball.

Check your EuroMillions results (Euromillions) to find out, was the jackpot won?, after all, the super circulation takes place only twice a year!


El Gordo Navidad – Fat Christmas

This is by far the most famous and popular lottery in the world. The Spaniards call her fat because of the huge prize funds. The name of the lottery can be translated as “Christmas jackpot”, The draw is drawn annually 22 December in Madrid.

The El Gordo lottery is rightfully famous for its huge prize pools, which are also growing from year to year. So, during draws in 2012 and 2013 years he made up absolutely incredible 2 billion 520 million euros. Thanks to this amount we can say, what is this lottery – biggest lottery in the world. Certainly, in terms of the amount of the main prize, she cannot compare with the American mega millions and powerball. But according to such parameters, what is the probability of winning, number of tickets and, as already said, of the overall prize fund, she is certainly the most.

Try your luck, By participating in this El Gordo, not only Spaniards can, but also residents of other countries.

Win category

Number of prizes



First prize


1 To 100 000

4 million euros

Second prize


1 To 100 000

1 million 250 thousand euros

Third prize


1 To 100 000

Five hundred thousand euros

Fourth prize


1 To 100 000

Two hundred thousand euros

Fifth Prize


1 To 100 000

Sixty thousand euros

Dropped from two lottery reels (they are called bombos) balls with numbers from 0 to 9 children bring to the commission members. The drawing is a colorful show, the live broadcast of which lasts several hours.

Loteria de Navidad is not only a unique lottery, but also a good tradition, beautiful holiday, bringing good Christmas cheer. Often entire settlements, teams come together to play, and if they win, they share the winnings.

Available 100 000 predefined numbers, each of which contains a five-digit code from 00000 to 99999. It could seem, that a lottery of this magnitude cannot have only one hundred thousand tickets. However, each ticket is printed in one hundred and eighty copies. It should also be taken into account, that the tickets consist of 10 parts, which are sold separately. Thus, actually 100 000 a combination of 180 copies in ten parts – This 180 million tickets.

Lottery El Gordo Navidad offers chances of winning very large prizes that are truly unique in the lottery market. So the chance of winning the first prize of four million euros is only 1 To 100 000. In other lotteries, the probability of hitting the jackpot is one in tens, or even hundreds of millions. Read more in the article lottery probability.

Important: when purchasing tickets you must understand, that usually not the whole ticket is sold, and its tenth part is Decimas. She is standing 20 euro

Respectively, when winning, You will receive a tenth of it. Basically, you can buy a whole ticket - but it will cost you accordingly 200 euro. Intermediary sites,, allows you to buy shares of tickets online without overpayment - at cost in 20 euro. Read more in the article about online lotteries. The only inconvenience is that, that these sites purchase even a large number of tickets in advance, but of course not all 100 000 options. Thus, You will have to choose from that assortment, which is already available on these sites.

Viking lotto – Viking lotto

The next trans-European lottery, which we will talk about will be Viking lotto (Viking lotto). This lottery is not very well known here in Russia.. The Viking lottery is held in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. This is the first interstate European lottery, it is carried out with 1993 of the year. Draw is drawn on Wednesdays, one bet is worth 0,7 euro. Viking lotto differs from the other European lotteries listed above in that, what is the winning amount (except the first prize – which is at least a million euros), other prize amounts vary from country to country. The game follows the pattern 6 from 48 plus two additional numbers, increasing winnings. Below are links to national lottery websites, included in Viking Lotto:

• Danish games (Denmark)• Estonian Lotto (Estonia, there is a Russian version of the site)• Icelandic Getspá/Sweepstakes (Iceland)• Betting (Finland)• Norwegian gambling (Norway)• Swedish games (Sweden)• Latvian Lotto (Latvia, there is a Russian version of the site)• Pearl (Lithuania)

Let's move on to the description of national European lotteries:

Euromillions – Euromillions

Certainly, we'll start with Euromillions (Euromillions). Maybe, all fans of number lotteries have heard about this European lottery. The lottery has existed since 1994 of the year. The following countries are currently participating: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, France and Switzerland. Because of this, the jackpot can reach very significant amounts.. Read more about the biggest winnings in euromillions, as well as other lotteries you can read in the article big winnings.

Drawings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 GMT (12 nights Moscow time). Ticket sales stop one and a half hours before the drawing. The draw follows the formula 5 from 50 + 2 from 11. Cost of one ticket – 2 euro. Euromillions circulation broadcast live every Tuesday and Friday 22:30 GMT, on BBC1.

More information about this lottery, I took a chance, The distribution of prizes and the results of the draws can be read in the euromillions article.

According to the rules, euromillions can be played either by citizens of the above countries participating in the lottery, or persons, located in them and, accordingly, bought tickets there. If you want to play, while in Russia or in the countries of the former USSR, you can use the services of intermediaries. Overview of similar organizations, and the answer to the main question - can they be trusted is given here – Internet lotteries. Also, according to the law in most countries, to participate in the lottery, need to be older 18 years (In Great Britain – 16).

There is a special separate Raffle draw for UK citizens only. (millionaire's circulation), in which one is played million pounds. There is a similar option for Irish citizens.

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