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Всего в этом лотерее предусмотрено 13 различных призов, начиная с угадывания двух чисел из основных 5, заканчивая угадыванием всех 5 плюс оба числа счастливых звезд и выигрыша суммы джекпота. Помимо огромных размеров джекпота, EuroMillions также предлагает своим игрокам больше шансов на выигрыш в той или иной форме выплаты, чем вы обычно видите в крупных лотереях.

Розыгрыши проходят дважды в неделю, по вторникам и пятницам, V 21:00 по британскому времени. Игроки выбирают 5 чисел от 1 to 50, and 2 lucky star numbers from 1 to 11. Мы предлагаем игрокам либо выбрать свои собственные числа, либо позволить их компьютерам выбирать случайные.

Game structure

The prize structure has changed 10 May 2011 of the year, sample happy stars numbers have been increased from 9 to 11. At the moment the prize structure is as follows:

Main number lucky star numbers probability distribution % from the prize fund Expected winnings (EUR) Expected winnings (GBP)
Fraction Decimal
2 1 from 23 0,0438 18,0 % €4 £2.70
2 1 1 from 46 0,0219 17,6 % €8 £5.40
1 2 1 from 156 0,0064 6,5 % €10 £6.90
3 1 from 327 0,0031 3,7 % €12 £8.20
3 1 1 from 654 0,0015 2,2 % €14 £9.80
2 2 1 from 821 0,0012 2,3 % €19 £12.80
3 2 1 in 11,771 0,000085 0,5 % €59 £40.10
4 1 from 14,387 0,000070 0,7 % €101 £68.60
4 1 1 from 28,773 0,000035 0,7 % €201 £137.20
4 2 1 from 517.919 0,0000019 0,8 % €4.143 £2,824.30
5 1 from 3.236.994 0,00000031 1,6 % €51.792 £35,303.90
5 1 1 from 6.473.989 0,00000015 4,8 % €310.751 £211,823.60
5 2 1 from 116.531.800 0,0000000086 32,0 % Jackpot Jackpot
Strengthening Fund 8,6 %

Strengthening Fund (Booster Fund) determined to replenish the jackpot, for example, to increase its amount in case of several accumulations in a row. The amount drawn each week is determined in advance by the participating lotteries.

  • The chance of winning any prize is equal to 1 from 13
  • Chance of matching none of the 50 main numbers and both lucky star numbers are approximately 1 from 95. It means, that this case is more likely, than the coincidence of 2 main numbers and one lucky star number (1 from 46). However, There is no prize category for matching 2 lucky star numbers.
  • Beginning with 10 May 2011 of the year 8,6 % The prize fund is defined as a “strengthening fund” (Booster Fund), which can be used to increase the jackpot amount.
  • The expected winnings are indicated only approximately, and the final amount varies depending on the total prize pool and number of tickets, winners for each prize category.
  • If the jackpot was not won, it accumulates until the next draw.

New rules regarding accumulations have been introduced 7 November 2009 of the year:

  • A limit has been introduced for the jackpot. The jackpot can accumulate until then, when its amount reaches EUR185.000.000 or more. Then the jackpot remains at this level, and all additional prize money is added to the winner of the next prize category, in which there is a winner (5 main numbers + 1 lucky star number or even just 5 main numbers).
  • After that, like a jackpot, reached the established limit, won, the limit increases by EUR5,000,000. (Другими словами, после того, like a jackpot, достигший лимита в EUR185.000.000 выигран, следующий лимит устанавливается на отметке в EUR190.000.000, и в следующий раз — EUR195.000.000 и так далее).
  • Если джекпот размером в EUR190.000.000 не выигран, it will remain at the same level until its winner is found, and all additional prize money will be added to the next prize category, by which the winner will be determined.

12 January 2012 a new rule was introduced, which limits the jackpot to EUR190,000,000 without the possibility of increasing the limit. And if the jackpot remains unwon after 2 drawings, the money is distributed among the winners of the next prize category. At the moment the Euro Millions jackpot cannot accumulate more than GBP161.5 million.

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How to Play EuroMillions

Players must select five main numbers and two lucky stars numbers per ticket.

There are no restrictions on the nationality of the buyer. Tourists and non-residents are able to play so long as they meet the minimum age requirement of the country where they are purchasing the ticket.

EuroMillions tickets vary by country, though a standard ticket costs €2.50 per line.

Players can purchase tickets at licensed stores or buy lottery tickets online through a lotto agent website.

Some countries also offer add-on games. In Ireland, for example, players can add an extra line called Plus for an additional €1 per line. The top prize for this game is €500,000 each week.

UK players also have a chance at a £1,000,000 weekly prize through the Millionaire Maker draw that occurs every Tuesday. Each of these EuroMillions tickets costs £2.50.

Tickets in France also include a non-optional game called My Million, which increases the price per ticket by €0.50 per line.

Finally, Portugal has a similar non-optional game called M1lhão that accounts for €0.30 of the €2.50 ticket price.

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