Play and win: All, what you need to know about Euromillions

Superdraw EuroMillions History

In February 2007 the first Superdraw draw was held, and at that time nine countries participated in the lottery. The main prize of the drawing was 100 million euros, the owner of which was a resident of Belgium, who decided to remain anonymous.

Since then it has happened 25 other EuroMillions Superdraw. The largest starting jackpot was about €130 million.

13 June 2014 For the first time in history, the regular EuroMillions draw replaced the Superdraw with its jackpot., which was scheduled for 6 June. Jackpot Euromillions in size 137 millions the euro then went to a player from Spain.

In the autumn of the same year, the EuroMillions super draw prize accumulated over six draws and for the first time reached its maximum of 190 million euros. He was played 24 October, and the winner was a resident of Portugal.

More often than not, EuroMillions Superdraw winners did not want to reveal their names. But there were also such, who openly rejoiced in their victory. The lucky ones were Angela and Dave Davis, which 7 October 2011 won £101 million. A 14 March 2014 another Englishman Neil Trotter hit the £ jackpot 107 million. Trotter quit his job after winning the lottery, and used his winnings to buy a whole fleet of 3 supercars, as well as a new house with a large garage for all cars.

How to play and win - recommendations

Get information about international draws, can be found on the Internet on pages titled “How to Play”. At the same time, it is worth remembering, that fraud in the lottery business is rampant, this fate did not spare the interethnic draw. Fraud often involves convincing people, that they won a prize randomly via mobile phone. The essence and strategy of deception is the transaction of funds to pay the tax on a “fictitious prize”.

Fraud - how to spot the catch:

  1. It is impossible to win a prize without purchasing a lottery ticket.
  2. To win, the numbers on the ticket must match the drawn balls.
  3. The EuroMillions Lottery does not randomly select telephone numbers or email addresses..
  4. In case of winning, representatives of the international lottery do not contact the participant directly.
  5. Taxation is a scam, such requirements simply do not exist.

The above points indicate that, that you should not trust calls or SMS sent about possible winnings.

Key information about the Euromillion lottery

To participate in the Euromillions lottery you must be a citizen of a participating country. But if you don't live in any of them, in this case, you can participate in the lottery through a reputable site, such as The Lotter. It offers more 40 various lotteries to choose from.

By registering on TheLotter website, can be purchased tickets for the EuroMillion draws. The buyer of the lottery ticket will buy the ticket for you and send it to the drawing. Many online lotteries pay out their winnings to your personal account, but you should always read all the rules carefully.

In participating states, you can buy tickets in special retail stores. The National Lottery app allows you to buy tickets at any time, when you are in that country, where are you going to play. On the day of the draw, ticket sales stop at 19 hours.

To take part in this lottery, do not need to be citizens or residents of the European Union. If you are coming to the country, which participates in EuroMillion, then you can play EuroMillion. However, for that, to win a prize, you need to be physically in that country, where did you buy the ticket from?.

Age to play the Euromillions lottery

To buy Euromillions tickets you must be 18 or more years, regardless of where you play. The age limit also applies to all Euromillions lottery participants in the world.

Chances win EuroMillion

IN EuroMillion online exists 13 lottery, and the prize fund depends on, how many tickets were sold in one of the drawings. Jackpot cannot exceed 240 million euros, but if you win, a special system of rules applies.

For that, to win the jackpot, it is necessary that five numbers plus one star match, and the chances of winning are fixed: 1 To 111 838 180. The chances of winning increase with a larger win., as shown in the table below.



1-and 1: 6,991,908
2-and 1: 3,107,515
3-and 1: 621,503
4-and 1: 31,076
5-and 1: 14,126
6-and 1: 13,812
7-and 1: 986
8-and 1: 707
9-and 1: 314
10-and 1: 188
11-and 1: 50
12-and 1: 22

What types of lotteries are there?

Lotteries are experiencing a boom in popularity again. Some people see them as an opportunity to get rich easily, for others, it’s just another form of relaxation - sitting in front of the TV in the evening with family, crossing out cherished numbers.

If you are tempted by the prospect of easy money under the guise of a hobby, time to buy a lottery ticket.

But let's first understand that, what kind of lotteries are there. Their main difference is the form of conducting. There are two main types, which we'll talk about.


The name speaks for itself. The results are known right at the point of purchase. It is necessary to erase certain fields on the ticket or open the envelope. Small winnings are paid out immediately on the spot. If you've caught your luck by the tail, then to receive a big prize, contact the organizers.


They are divided into two types:

  1. The player fills out the fields himself.
  2. The ticket has completed fields.

There are no further differences. The lottery machine gives out balls with numbers, or the presenter takes the kegs out of the bag, drawn numbers must be crossed out. Draws are broadcast on the Internet or on television. The results can be checked on the website, the honesty of most of them is beyond doubt, but the organizers remain in the black anyway.

In the future, this article will focus exclusively on lotteries..

Which lottery can you really win - what do the statistics say?

We considered this issue from the point of view of probability theory. But it is necessary to understand, that it works with a very large sample, about a million outcomes.

No company has ever carried out such a large number of circulations, therefore, it is more interesting to consider lotteries from a statistical point of view.


Sold under the Gosloto brand 4 state lotteries, we will look at the most popular - “5 out of 36”. Conducted daily 5 drawings, and the total number of circulations exceeded 8100.

The statistics are quite interesting:

  1. Number of participants. Participation in each drawing is from: 10000 to 20000 tickets. At the same time, the largest number of participants falls on evening draws.
  2. Amounts played. If we talk about circulation, in which there is no jackpot, then the payments range from 300 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles.
  3. Jackpot. On average, a super prize is awarded every hundredth draw. That is, every 20 days, another millionaire appears.

Russian lotto

One of the most popular and oldest lotteries in Russia. Draws are held once a week on Sundays.

The website provides the following statistics:

  1. Number of participants. Participation in the regular circulation includes: 2 500 000 to 3 500 000 tickets. In special, when remains 2 a barrel, from 7 000 000. The first of January 2018 a record was set: accepted more than 45 000 000 participants.
  2. Amounts played. On a normal day it plays out 100 000 000 — 120 000 000 rubles. For special editions the amount is doubled. The record belongs to the January circulation - 2 125 000 150 rubles.
  3. Barrels that have not fallen. Most often, numbers remain in the bag 83, 76, 78, 70, 37.

Chance of winning. This indicator depends on the numbers not drawn. There are no official statistics on the site. But through simple mathematical calculations the following result will be obtained: 4 keg — 20%, 3 — 30%, 2 — 40%.

Housing lottery

The name speaks for itself. All big prizes are real estate (country houses, cottages, apartments). The rules are exactly the same, as in “Russian Lotto”. Only instead of a bag of barrels a lottery drum is used. The circulation takes place once a week on Sunday.

The draw statistics look like this::

  1. Number of participants. It's below, than in the more popular “Russian Lotto”. For standard – up to a million, for special draws - up to 2,5 millions.
  2. Amounts played. In the standard edition, up to 80 million rubles. The record belongs to the January special edition, during which they played more 310 000 000 rubles.
  3. Non-dropping balls. Balls with numbers are the least likely to take part in the game. 18, 72, 11, 70, 37.

Golden Key

Formerly one of the most popular representatives, and the main competitor of Russian Lotto. IN 2015 ceased to exist in the year, for unknown reasons. We wanted to compare the statistics of the “Golden Key” with existing analogues, but there is no information.

The only thing, what we managed to find is a loud mention of, what has been played out during its existence 2000 prizes worth more than 1 million each.


Sportloto is the oldest representative on this list. Draws are held every 15 minutes. Sportloto does not boast of large amounts paid out. The maximum possible amount is 10 000 000 rubles. Biggest win, found by me in the archive - 63 000 rubles.

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