Euromillions tax: highlights for the winners

Record winnings[edit | edit code]

Rating Date Prize in Euro Prize in pounds sterling Side
1 8 October 2019 190.000.000 170.221.000,00 Great Britain
1 6 October 2017 190.000.000 170.810.000,00 Spain
1 24 October 2014 190.000.000 149.758.000,00 Portugal
1 10 August 2012 190.000.000 148.656.000,00 Great Britain
5 12 July 2011 185.000.000 161.653.000,00 Great Britain
6 19 February 2019 175.475.380 152.400.366,00 Ireland
7 13 November 2012 169.837.010 136.124.363,00 France
8 11 October 2016 168.085.323 153.361.048,00 Belgium
9 20 November 2015 163.553.041 114.814.234,00 Portugal
10 2 October 2018 162.403.002 144.603.632,00 Switzerland
11 13 September 2011 162.256.622 141.872.754,94 France
12 1 September 2020 157.170.843 139.992.069,00 France
13 2 June 2017 153.873.716 134.808.762,00 Belgium
14 7 July 2020 144.542.315 130.059.174,00 Spain
15 24 April 2018 138.724.202 121.328.187,00 Great Britain
16 11 June 2019 138.716.863 123.458.008,00 Great Britain
17 13 June 2014 137.313.501 109.589.905,00 Spain
18 19 December 2017 135.346.147 119.876.081,00 Switzerland
19 29 March 2013 132.486.744 112.017.541,00 France
20 25 September 2020 130.000.000 118.729.000,00 Spain
21 7 February 2020 130.000.000 110.500.000,00 Spain
22 8 October 2010 129.818.431 113.019.926,00 Great Britain
23 1 January 2019 129.645.665 114.969.775,70 Great Britain
24 14 March 2014 129.384.564 107.932.603,20 Great Britain
25 12 June 2015 129.204.405 93.388.943,90 Great Britain
26 8 May 2009 126.231.764 113.027.921,50 Spain
27 19 November 2019 122.766.852 105.100.701,90 Great Britain
28 13 May 2011 121.019.633 105.892.179,00 Spain
29 7 October 2011 117.705.979 101.203.600,70 Great Britain
30 29 July 2005 115.436.126 79.650.927,00 Ireland

How big can the EuroMillions jackpot reach??

Minimum €17 million
Maximum €240 million

EuroMillions Jackpot – Europe's Most Coveted Prize. Its minimum amount is €17 million. If no one manages to win the draw, then he moves on to the next draw. The jackpot can accumulate over a long period of time, but it still has an upper limit.

When the EuroMillions jackpot reaches €240 million, it stops growing. This, for now, jackpot upper limit, and the main prize of the lottery may remain at this mark for 4 additional circulations. If in 5 in a row with a jackpot of €240 million, no one will be able to hit all the numbers again, the entire amount goes to next prize category, in which there is a winner.

The EuroMillions jackpot is paid on a match basis - meaning, that if there are several winners, The prize amount will be divided equally between them. The number of possible draw winners is not limited.

February 2020 – rule changes, regarding the jackpot size

In February 2020 year, EuroMillions organizers announced, that the lottery jackpot will increase from 190 to 200 million euros, and will increase by €10 million upon reaching the next “ceiling” until then, until it stops at €250 million. Currently the upper limit The jackpot is €240 million.

Abroad, setting aside part of the family budget every month to buy lottery tickets is the norm.. For us, this is still wildness.

For a Russian, buying a lottery ticket is often accidental. (just passing by). In Europe, there are even professional lottery players. They don't just check the proverbial numbers, they strategize, track statistics.

I would also like to draw attention to the number of “our brothers” in the vastness of lottery games. If we delve deeper into probability theory, then you can easily understand, that the chances of winning are equal, what does the Russian have, what does the Spaniard have?

There are just more of them, in the hundreds, or even thousands of times.

It’s not for nothing that lottery experts talk about regular play – for Europeans this is the norm. Many even have family traditions like this - getting the whole family together on certain days and having fun playing the lottery. It is worth noting, that for many such gatherings end in good prizes.

Although, taking into account ticket prices for foreign lotteries, then such winnings on a regular basis can significantly replenish the budget!

Do you get anything for 1 number and bonus ball?

The Bonus Ball is always guaranteed to be between 1 and 59, as it is drawn from the same pool as the six main numbers. That means any of the six numbers on your ticket can match the Bonus Ball. The only prize that requires you to match the Bonus Ball is the second prize, for matching five numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

Who won Euros last night?

Italy worthy winners As Italy’s players and staff celebrated in front of their exultant fans, manager Roberto Mancini was left to reflect on an outstanding job, their 34th game unbeaten crowned with the Euro 2020 title.

Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery UK?

The Best Chance of Winning Money and Keeping Your Privacy. If keeping your windfall under wraps is your preference, you are in luck, you can keep your big news to yourself and whether or not you choose to remain an anonymous winner, your decision does not affect your best chance of winning money.


What to fear, if you hide your winnings? Usually liability is expressed in the form of a fine. Basically, the citizen will have to pay 20 % from winnings as punishment. If the judicial authorities or the Federal Tax Service prove, that tax evasion was intentional, the non-payer will be fined 40 % from the winning amount.

Every day of delay entails a penalty. The first debt accrual will take place 16 July.

If a person does not indicate the winnings in the declaration, there will also be a fine for this. It amounts to 5 % for each month of delay. In this case, the maximum amount of recovery cannot exceed 30 % from winnings. The minimum fine is 100 rubles.

Criminal liability is also provided. A citizen did not pay personal income tax on lottery winnings? If the amount of debt exceeds 300 thousand rubles, a person can be arrested for 12 months or issue a fine. It ranges from 100 to 300 thousand.

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Where to check the results

Big lottery, Therefore, cases of winning the jackpot are reported by central European and Russian media. Check a regular ticket in several ways:

  • watch news broadcasts on Parisian television;
  • go to the organizer's website;
  • find a recording of the draw on the Internet.

Majority Euromillion official representatives in other countries they notify their customers if they win via SMS, call or message by email.

Important! Channels, who broadcast the draw: BBC1 (Great Britain), RTE One (Ireland), TF1 (England), TVE2 (Spain), Headlines и VRT Één (Belgium), ORF2 (Austria), RTS Two (Switzerland), TVI (Portugal). These channels can be watched in real time online. If you wish, the release of the program for a specific date can easily be found in the English-language segment of the Internet

If you wish, the release of the program for a specific date can easily be found in the English-language segment of the Internet.

Also by foreign operators, working with players remotely, a habit has been established of posting results on their official websites. The speed of disclosure of information depends on the efficiency of the resource owners. On average, information about the circulation that interests Russian players appears with a delay of 1-3 days.

How to play from Russia?

Officially, you can only purchase a EuroMillions ticket in nine European countries..

If you do not live in one of them, then you can use the services of intermediaries.

#1 Broker AgentLotto

The AgentLotto service operates in Russia and other countries. This company helps you buy tickets for that particular lottery, in which you want to participate. AgentLotto service works with 2012 year and today allows you to purchase tickets for more than 50 world lotteries.

To use the AgentLotto service to purchase tickets for the European EuroMillions draw, use the following instructions:

Go to the country, where was the ticket purchased, necessary in that case, if you win more 2,5 thousand euros. But even here you can do without a personal visit.: issue a power of attorney to an AgentLotto employee - he will receive the winnings for you and transfer the money to the AgentLotto account. If the prize is less 2,5 thousand euros, then the funds will be transferred to a bank card or account in the electronic money system.

#2 Broker TheLotter

Another intermediary of international lotteries, TheLotter, works with 2002 year around the world. Throughout its existence, the service has proven its honesty, paying players more than $100 million.

The game plan is the same, as in AgentLotto:

Peak profit

classify Date price in Euro Price in pounds Price in Swiss francs side
1 26 February 2021 Mr. 210 000 000 182 028 000 230 223 000 Switzerland
2 11 December 2020 Mr. 200 000 000 183 120 000 215 862 600 France
3 8 October 2019 Mr., 190 000 000 170 221 000 206,512,900 Great Britain
3 6 October 2017 Mr. 190 000 000 170 810 000 218 348 000 Spain
3 24 October 2014 Mr. 190 000 000 149 758 000 229.484.090 Portugal
3 10 August 2012 Mr. 190 000 000 148 656 000 228 456 000 Great Britain
7-is 12 July 2011 Mr. 185 000 000 161 653 000 214,507,500 Great Britain
8-is 19 February 2019 Mr. 175,475,380 152.400.366 199 482 693,15 Ireland
9 13 November 2012 Mr. 169.837.010 136.124.363 204 704 548,15 France
10 11 October 2016 Mr. 168.085.323 153.361.048 183 969 890,30 Belgium

First record in 115,4 million euros was won by Dolores McNamara from Ireland 29 July 2005 of the year. 3 February 2006 three winners shared the record jackpot in 183 million euros after, how the first place was not taken for eleven draws. Two Frenchmen and one Portuguese received each 61 191 026 euro each. To prevent the jackpot from increasing, rules of the game during 2006 by 2009 year provided, that the jackpot will be divided among the next ranked rank after the twelfth drawing. First time this happened 17 November 2006 of the year, when the jackpot accumulated approx. 183 million euros. The amount was distributed among the second level winners, so it was 20 winners by 9,6 million euros each. Bayford couple from England win highest jackpot to date – 190 million euros 10 August 2012 of the year, but due to the strength of the pound at that time "only" was paid 148,6 million pounds. 24 October 2014 year, the Portuguese hit the jackpot on 190 million euros, but due to Portugal's 20% gambling tax, only 152 million euros. The next jackpot is 190 million euros 6 October 2017 went to the Spaniard, who returned his ticket in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria ; Due to Spain's 20% gambling tax, he was only paid 152 million euros. Fourth largest jackpot in size 185 million euros, which is equivalent 161,6 million pounds sterling, was torn down 12 July 2011 year by the Weir couple from Scotland, which is still considered the biggest jackpot in the UK. 19 February 2019 year, an Irish family from Naul in County Dublin managed to hit the jackpot for 175,4 million euros. The French hit the jackpot 13 November 2012 Mr. with 169,8 million euros, 13 September 2011 Mr. – around 162,3 million euros and 29 March 2013 Mr. – around 132,5 million euros. British player, who remained anonymous, 8 October 2010 was able to win a jackpot of approx. 129,8 million euros, 113 million pounds sterling. The Englishman Trotter succeeded 14 March 2014 almost a year with a jackpot 129,4 million euros, 108 million pounds sterling. 13 June 2014 Spanish Player of the Year, who remained anonymous, hit a jackpot of approx. 137,3 million euros. Previously, 8 May 2009 of the year, The Spaniard won a personal prize of 126,2 million euros. Additional individual prizes have been distributed 13 May 2011 year in the amount 121 million euros to the Spaniard Delgado Rodriguez and 7 October 2011 year in the amount 117,7 million euros, 101,2 million pounds sterling, Englishman Dawes.

The biggest victories in German-speaking countries to date have been:

  • 210000000 euro 26 February 2021 year in German-speaking Switzerland with a lot from Swisslos .
  • 162 403 002 euro 2 October 2018 Mr. in the canton of Aargau with a lottery from Swisslos .
  • 65 793 284 euro 27 September 2013 Mr. in Luxembourg;
  • 55 609 411 euro 16 May 2008 Mr. in Carinthia, Austria.

In Switzerland 35% withholding tax is initially deducted from profits, which comes back, if taxation is correct; then income tax is still several millions;

What's happening, when you win the US lottery?

Account, How your US lottery winnings will be taxed depends on several factors.

In the USA, lottery winnings, usually, subject to income tax. Winnings in the US are taxed by the State Internal Revenue Service., where the lottery ticket was purchased, as well as federal tax. Sometimes the city government also taxes lottery winnings., For example – NY. Taxes on lottery winnings, the amount of which exceeds $5,000, usually, are charged before payment.
Besides, Most states have a different tax rate for non-residents than the standard tax rate.. This means, what if you purchased your lottery ticket online and do not live in the state?, where the ticket was purchased, your tax rate will be different from the standard one.

Question 4. Are taxes dependent on the player’s citizenship??

Answer: First of all, you should pay attention to, what relationship does your country have with the founding country of the lottery game?

It is also important, is there an agreement between them regarding the abolition of double tax (so that you don’t have to in one, and in another country pay part of the winnings towards taxes). The Russian Federation has concluded similar agreements with most developed countries

If you win an American lottery prize, then you will pay taxes there, and in your homeland no one will demand anything from you

The Russian Federation has concluded similar agreements with most developed countries. If you win an American lottery prize, then you will pay taxes there, and in your homeland no one will demand anything from you.

But this is also a double-edged sword...

In the United States, our brother would have to pay the maximum tax rate on the prize - 35 percent. This rule applies only to foreign citizens.


scams people

The divorce scheme for similar lotto games is absolutely identical.

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Firstly, let's pay attention to that, that such a site will attract players, because it creates the impression that, that this is the same famous site. Of course, this is gaining a considerable audience of players. . Next, classic scam schemes are used.

Next, classic scam schemes are used.

  1. Distribution of paid courses and advice to players.
  2. Withdrawal of money from the account allegedly for subscriptions, taxes, payment for additional services.
  3. Blocking a player's personal account, prohibiting him from receiving money. This is the most common option. Sometimes this can happen even before the results of the draw are announced., and immediately after purchasing several tickets.
  4. Use of data for personal purposes.
  5. The site administration has the right to make any changes to the rules, amounts, frauds, payments.

At first it may seem, that divorce is out of the question. The whole point is, that the site even has a special section “Fraud”. Administration, more likely, Thus, wants to show he cares about his clients. That is, it creates the impression, that this is the most reliable lotto game on the entire Internet. But this was done only to lull vigilance, after all, this is really a site of dubious reliability. If we compare the official representative and the discussed, we'll understand, that these are completely different companies.

SMARTGUIDE, wants to remind, that before playing it is important to check the lotto online. Need to explore the site, read "Privacy Policy", learn the rules of the game and withdrawal of money. Do not rush to register and provide personal information.

Do not rush to register and provide personal information.

Lotto verification can also be done by studying lotto reviews. However, there is one huge problem here: this is a fake site, aka referral site. If you look for reviews about this online lotto, you will only find reviews of the original EuroMillions lottery. Therefore, find out, do people get money, or the site is throwing them away, almost impossible. But all the main signs point to not the best reputation of the site.

How Do You Enter the Euromillions Lottery?

The Euromillions is very similar to entering the Mega Millions, but there are a few differences. If you find yourself living or visiting one of the nine countries, here’s how you can enter to potentially become a millionaire:

  1. Pick five numbers between 1 through 50. These numbers can be the same, related, or in no way similar to one another. There’s nothing that can increase or decrease your odds by picking numbers at random, either. Much like the Mega Millions, the numbers are randomly chosen from two separate barrels.
  2. Choose two ‘Lucky Stars’ numbers between 1 through 12. These numbers will determine whether or not you win the jackpot. You have to have both for the total prize, but the number range is still significantly less than Mega Millions, which increases your chances right away.
  3. (Optional) Consider the Lucky Pick option that chooses everything for you. If you don’t want to worry about choosing special numbers for all seven of them, you can have the computer pick everything for you. There’s nothing to affect your odds by choosing this option, nor does it impact your prize winnings.
  4. Head to a store or go to an online lottery website. You can enter your numbers either way. Once you finish this process, the only thing you have to wait for is the contest to choose the numbers. If they’ve chosen all or some of your numbers, you’ll receive the totals determined by the prize tiers.

Responsibility for violation of tax laws

In situations, when a person must declare income himself, may have problems, For example, failure to comply with deadlines for submitting documents to the tax office and making payments. Serious violation of the law - evasion of obligations. Failure to pay small amounts in the Russian Federation may result in administrative liability. For concealment 2 700 000 rubles and more, an individual is subject to criminal punishment (suspended or real sentence, fine of hundreds of thousands).

Checking the declaration electronically

Late payment of fees on declared income leads to the accrual of penalties. They are calculated using the formula: arrears × Central Bank refinancing rate × 1 / 300 × number of calendar days of delay. Coefficient 1/150 applies, if no more tax is paid 30 days. The period is calculated from 15 July of the same year, in which the declaration was submitted.

Example 1: Russian won at a bookmaker's office in Belarus, and at the operator's box office they removed 4%. In the Russian Federation, he must declare income minus 4000 rubles (tax-free base) and pay tax in 13% from the remaining amount.



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How does the inspectorate find out about winnings?:

  • Interstate information exchange. The Russian Federation and the United States transfer to each other information about the income of non-residents in gambling. Thanks to an agreement between countries, Russian citizens are not charged fees at the bookmaker's office., from lotteries.
  • Banks, payment systems.
  • Contractors - bookmakers, lottery organizers, casino.
  • Declaration of imported money from abroad.

If there are no fees on lottery winnings in the country, sports betting, and the prize was received abroad, he is subject to income tax in his state. For example, in Germany they charge from 14 to 47% from foreign sources, although the internal rate is equal 0%.

In many countries, bettors, lottery participants are forced to pay taxes. It's an integral part of the game. If the responsibility for paying fees falls on the shoulders of the citizen, need to study the legislation, to avoid administrative, criminal punishment. In case of large winnings, it is recommended to consult with lawyers, specializing in taxation.

Found an error in the text? Select it and press Ctrl + Enter

National European lotteries

As mentioned earlier, you can try to take part in some domestic and non-European lotteries. To purchase a member coupon, you need to go to the official portal of the company, which deals with sweepstakes and carefully study all the information to participate.

When purchasing such lotteries on the Internet, You should definitely take into account the percentage of the intermediary’s commission. Naturally, It’s best not to take part in unfamiliar lotteries, so we've put together a rundown of some worthy giveaways.

Ireland lotto

The main advantage of this lottery is that, that no tax is charged on winnings. Regardless of the prize size, you can be sure of receiving the full amount, excluding intermediary commission.

You can play without an intermediary on the official portal, where all the rules and features are described in detail.

  • the main prize is 2 million euros;
  • the game is played according to the formula 6/47.

The Primitive

One of the oldest Spanish lotteries. Since the very first draw of this lottery fell on Halloween, the most popular numbers are 6 and 13.

  • the main prize is 5 million euros;
  • the game follows the formula 5/54 and an additional draw 1/10;
  • there are two levels of the game, where you need to select a combination of 6 or 11 numbers.

German lottery

The lottery, which is popular in Germany. Its first circulation was held back in the 70s of the last century.. Despite, that the main prize is relatively small, this lottery remains popular among Germans.

  • Grand Prize 1 million euros with constant increase after each drawing;
  • the game follows the formula 6/49.

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