How to play EuroMillions online: a convenient way to win a big prize


Euromillions is a popular lottery game played in nine European countries. In addition to France, the participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Euromillions tickets cost €2.50, with draws taking place twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45 Central European Time.

Players choose five numbers between 1 and 50, plus two Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12.

All Euromillions tickets in France are automatically entered into the My Million Raffle, giving players the chance to win €1 million.

Each Euromillions participant country also has its own version of the My Million Raffle exclusively for players in those locations.

Euromillions players in France can also add “Étoile+” to their ticket for an extra €1.00 to increase their chances of winning a prize.

In France, players can also enter Euromillions with a “MultiChances Pack” to buy “shares” in packs of randomly generated numbers, with all winnings split between the owners of shares in each pack. This is only available via the Française des Jeux website and through mobile apps.


Euromillions has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €17 million, with a jackpot cap of €200 million.

When the jackpot reaches €200 million, the excess cash is added to the second prize tier. If the €200 million jackpot is still not won after five further draws, the jackpot can be won by winners of the second-tier prize.

The Euromillions jackpot cap increases by €10 million once the €200 million prize has been won.

Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning the Euromillions jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160.

Euromillions prizes can be won at 13 prize tiers in total.

Prize Category Numbers Matched Winning Odds Winning Odds %


5, plus 2 Lucky Stars

1 in 139,838,160



5, plus 1 Lucky Star

1 in 6,991,908




1 in 3,107,515



4, plus 2 Lucky Stars

1 in 621,503



4, plus 1 Lucky Star

1 in 31,076



3, plus 2 Lucky Stars

1 in 14,126




1 in 13,812



2, plus 2 Lucky Stars

1 in 986



3, plus 1 Lucky Star

1 in 707




1 in 314



1, plus 2 Lucky Stars

1 in 188



2, plus 1 Lucky Star

1 in 50




1 in 12


Payout and Taxes

Euromillions winnings are paid out as a single lump sum.

Lottery winnings are not subject to taxation in France. Those playing Euromillions online should check local tax laws to find out if winnings need to be declared at home.

Who Can Play Euromillions?

Players must be at least 18 years of age to play Euromillions in France.

Euromillions tickets can be purchased from authorized lottery retailers around France or online, while players from outside the nine participating countries can also enter online via Lottery Agent websites.

History of Euromillions

Française des Jeux and the Spanish and United Kingdom lottery operators are the founding members of Euromillions. The first Euromillions draw took place on February 13, 2004.

Euromillions was originally a weekly draw held on Fridays, before the Tuesday draw was added in May 2011, with the number of Lucky Stars choices increasing from 9 to 11, before increasing again to 12 in September 2016.

Euromillions: Europe’s No. 1 lottery

Euromillions is an international lottery game that began in 2004, uniting several European countries under one exciting shared jackpot. The lottery offers substantial prizes, including a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €17 million, equivalent to approximately £14 million. This tantalizing prize pool makes Euromillions one of the most lucrative lottery games worldwide.

Its draws are held twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 20:00h UK time (21:100h Paris time, where the draws are physically held) and in each of these draws players have the chance to win one of the world’s biggest jackpots, as EuroMillions is undoubtedly one of the lotteries with the biggest prizes in the world.

Who Can Play and How Does it Work?

Anyone can participate in Euromillions, whether they reside in one of the participating countries or play online. Countries participating in Euromillions include the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland. The game involves selecting numbers and hoping your chosen combination matches the winning draw. If you’re lucky, you could walk away with the colossal jackpot.

Introduction to Euromillions: Calculate Odds for All Prizes

EuromillionsEuromillуnesEuromilhхesThe Euromillionseuromillions, euromillуnes, euromilhхes, the euro million

It is a two-ballset loto game, but somehow different from Powerball-type lotto games. Both Powerball-type and Euromillions-type are two lotto games in one. Like Powerball, the first drawing machine of Euromillions draws five regular lotto numbers (from 1 to 50, in this case). But the second machine draws 2 balls (Star Numbers), also like regular lotto numbers, from 1 to 11. The last two numbers are different from each other, but any can be equal to any of the five regular numbers.

I think the game offers a good starting jackpot at 15 million Euros, for a 2-euro ticket. By comparison, a new lotto 6/49 game in Pennsylvania has a starting jackpot of US$ 500,000. Granted, the PA game gives three plays for $2. Unfortunately, two of the three games are automatically generated by the PA Lottery computer! The player has no control over two thirds of total combinations played. Too bad!

The odds of Euro Millions are calculated for two dependent lotto games. The first part of the game, 5 from 50, has a total of 6 types of odds, from 0 of 5 to 5 of 5. The second part of the game has three types of odds, from 0 of 2 to 2 of 2. The rundown of the {EuroMillions, EuroMillуnes, EuroMilhхes, The Euromillions} probabilities (odds):

The odds calculated as EXACTLY in a :

 0 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  0 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 2.54 
 0 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  1 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 5.72 
 0 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  2 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 114.46 
 1 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  0 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 4.17 
 1 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  1 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 9.39 
 1 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  2 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 187.71 
 2 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  0 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 21.9 
 2 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  1 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 49.27 
 2 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  2 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 985.47 
 3 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  0 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 313.89 
 3 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  1 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 706.25 
 3 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  2 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 14125.07 
 4 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  0 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 13811.18 
 4 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  1 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 31075.15 
 4 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  2 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 621502.93 
 5 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  0 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 3107514.67 
 5 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  1 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 6991908 
 5 of 5 in 5 from 50  AND  2 of 2 in 2 from 12 = 1 in 139,838,160 

The probability to win the jackpot is 1 in 139,838,160 (139.838.160 European numeric format). Evidently, the Euromillions game offers far fewer prizes than the total number of odds elements.

The new Euromillions game required an update to the online odds calculator and random generator. I upgraded both ActiveX controls, especially as to employ the superior innate filtering for lotto games, including Powerball.

The Euro Combinations module generates optimized combinations for Euromillions, the same way as for the other lotto games (except for Keno). The pick, horses, roulette and sport betting combinations are not optimized. The generating online control generates now 1000 combinations instead of 100. As I have stated many times, the more lotto combinations generated, the higher the probability to win (degree of certainty to hit the jackpot). According to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG), the chance to hit is lower in the beginning. We must run closer to the FFG median to have the highest winning chance.

It did take a very long time to get the FFG median by generating just 100 lottery combinations at a time. Now, the generator offers better time compression. Think about it as saving money. You ran the generator for a few thousand Powerball combinations. Chances are they were not winners. But you didn’t play them either, so you saved money. A higher number of repetitions get you closer to that highly elusive winning combination (worth huge euros sometimes).

  • They changed the Euromillions game format on September 27, 2016. New format: 5 of 50 AND 2 of 12. Axiomatics, you must change your data file and SIMulated file immediately.
  • The computers are one reason why they change the lottery game formats so often. I remember the Pennsylvania lotto game of the 1980s. It was a lotto 6/40 game. The game still experienced jackpot rollovers. The players were very slow in coming up with combinations. They played birth dates, or they plotted grid patterns using pencil and paper.
  • Then, the personal computers turned into an appliance. The lotto games have become more and more difficult. Yet, there have been more frequent jackpot winners. The computers generate combinations millions of times faster. The lottery commissions also offer computerized random picks. The time compression has been accelerated.
  • There is a strong correlation between lotto, lottery and the Birthday Paradox. The probability of collisions or coincidences is surprisingly high!

Euromillions Online Odds Calculator, Random Numbers Generator

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IonSaliuCalculator — The best odds, probability calculator, including EuroMillions

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You no longer need to live in any of these countries, to play this lottery

As historically EuroMillions have only been offered in nine select European countries , most of us here have been ignored. as much as possible. Actually, Until recently, playing this lottery wasn't even a consideration for the rest of us.

Experienced lottery players from Russia and other countries, those of us, who knows, now they understand, that physical barriers no longer exist in the world of lotteries. In fact they are still in some sense, since you still need to buy lottery tickets for EuroMillions and other lotteries from around the world. Certainly, you are not going to travel there from Russia twice a week, to buy tickets, because it would take a ridiculous amount of time and money. You can hire someone, who lives in countries, where you want to buy lottery tickets , but it will require more knowledge and effort, than most people. I would never have thought about committing.

The answer is, to just buy them online, straight from home, and have a reputable and reliable service, who will take care of all your needs, including purchasing tickets in your name, storing your tickets for you, checking your numbers and notification. you, if you win, and help you cash out your winnings.

This new service makes people's dreams come true: the ability to buy lottery tickets online and have everything taken care of is now a reality. You can not only very conveniently buy all EuroMillions tickets, which you need, but we also offer online ticket purchasing for all the biggest and most popular lottery draws in the world.

More information about Euromillions

  • The lottery is held in different European countries.
  • How many main rooms to choose from: 50
  • You must choose: 5
  • How many additional numbers to choose: 12
  • You must choose: 2
  • Days and hours of the draw: Tuesday, Friday, 19:30 GMT — 20:30 CET.
  • Minimum jackpot: 17 million euros.
  • Maximum jackpot amount: 190 million euros.
  • Possible combination of numbers to win the jackpot: 1 from 186.450.880
  • Possible combination of numbers to win the second level: 1 from 2,118,760
  • Probability of winning at any level: 1 from 12,98.
  • How many prize levels: 13
  • Special Euromillions draws: three times a year the jackpot is set at 140 million euros.

When the jackpot reaches 190 million euros, it is limited, and other prizes are added to additional gains. The lottery organizers consider this jackpot size to be quite large, and that's definitely more than enough money, to satisfy any of us. However they think, that at this point they have accumulated more than enough excitement for the jackpot and can now do the same with other prizes. But the lower level prizes will be much larger after that, How will the jackpot be exhausted?. It means, that at this moment lottery becomes even more attractive . In the end, the chances of winning a second level prize are much higher, than the probability of winning the jackpot.

Euromillions also offers so-called Super Draws three times a year. It means, that they just set the jackpot at 130 million euros. And it might even get bigger, if no one wins it.

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