Secrets of winning the Euromillions lottery in Russia

How it works?

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Top foreign lotteries

There are many cool foreign lotteries from completely different countries. I decided to make for you a selection of the most interesting and reliable. The most important, that they are all available to participants from Russia.

# The lottery Chances
1 Italian SuperEnalotto 1 To 622 614 630
2 American Mega Millions 1 To 302 575 350
3 American Powerball 1 To 292 201 338
4 European EuroMillions 1 To 139 838 160
5 Australian Powerball Lotto 1 To 134 490 400
6 European EuroJackpot 1 To 95 344 200
7 French Loto 1 To 19 068 840
8 Spanish La Primitiva 1 To 13 983 816
9 Canadian Lotto 649 1 To 13 983 816
10 Irish Lotto 1 To 10 737 573
11 Austrian Lotto 1 To 8 145 060

Naturally, intermediaries may offer to buy tickets from many other organizers. The main thing is to evaluate not only the size of the jackpot, but also conditions of the received prize and rules.

How to win the Euromillion lottery while in Russia?!

This question worries a lot of people now., who already fell in love with foreign lotteries, since the Russian government, in order to avoid leakage of money abroad, blocked sites selling tickets for foreign lotteries. Only national lotteries “Stoloto” were left.

But we love fat foreign lotteries with great chances of winning, and found a secure site by sale of lottery tickets foreign lotteries! And here is our instruction "how to win the euromillion lottery»:

  1. We go to the site selling lottery tickets from Euromillions using this link...
  2. Register, by filling out a very simple form. It is necessary, to know, who should I give the money to?.
  3. And then we maximize our chances of winning. We will tell you about this in as much detail as possible.!

How to buy EuroMillions tickets

If (and only if) you are in one of the participating countries, you can buy EuroMillions tickets online, and also in local stores. Also, like with Powerball and other lotteries, you can find EuroMillions retailers in convenience stores and similar places.

When do you buy EuroMillions tickets?, you can choose your own numbers or use the Lucky Dip or Quick Pick option, allowing the lottery software to randomly select your numbers.

Each set of tickets costs 2,50 euro, 2,50 pound sterling or 3,50 Swiss franc, depending on, where do you buy tickets. You can choose up to 70 sets of numbers for one ticket. If you buy online, you can also choose, which of the two weekly draws do you want to play?, and choose the same numbers in future weeks.

How much can you win?? History of the biggest winnings

The minimum winning amount is 4 euro. Maximum winnings – 200 million euros. Some lottery participants managed to reach this large amount more than once.

Eg, one of the largest winnings belongs to a resident of Switzerland. IN 2018 year he was able to win a jackpot of 183 million euros. IN 2019 UK resident, wished to remain anonymous, was able to take home a prize fund of 170 million euros (before 22 times no one managed to find successful combinations).

But the biggest jackpot was won by a Portuguese. He won it in 2017 year. Jackpot Amount – 190 million euros. The ticket was purchased in Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria.

Euromillions game rules

Players select a combination of five main numbers from 1 to 50, as well as two star rooms from 1 to 12. Ticket sales stop at 20:30 French time on the day of the relevant lottery draw. The rules are simple: the more numbers and stars the participant guesses, the higher his winnings will be.

When you go to the site you can see the line, which consists of five identical columns. Each has fifty squares. The second part contains twelve squares. They are all numbered. The player places a check mark under the values ​​he has chosen. There is an additional option, opening more lines. The total amount of combinations is displayed in the lower right corner. Next, the lottery participant pays for the tickets using one of the twenty available methods. After payment, tickets are accepted for processing and officially become participants in the lottery.

Player, who correctly indicated the combination in full, gets the jackpot. The main prize amount will be from 17 million euros. But if in a certain draw it was not played, then it is transferred cumulatively to the next. The maximum jackpot size can be 200 million euros. The minimum winnings are for correctly guessing two numbers.

How to play Euromillions

Buy a Euromillion ticket. This can be done in the country, on the territory where the drawings are held. There is also the possibility of purchasing on intermediary sites. In the latter case, we recommend that you carefully choose an intermediary company and buy only from a trusted dealer, one of them is TheLotter (in Russia it is called Onlinebooths).

  • Be of legal age (although in the UK players are allowed to be 16 years old).
  • Fill in the playing fields, according to the rules of the game.
  • Wait for the draw, and then receive a guaranteed prize.
  • Pay taxes (if the winnings are cashed in Russia or another country of your residence).

How to buy a ticket from Russia

Recently, the opportunity to play Euromillions and other foreign lotteries has finally appeared in Russia. This became possible thanks to intermediaries. But when buying a ticket it is worth considering, that there are 2 types of such companies.

Intermediaries with official (paper) tickets

1-th type: Directly an intermediary company between the organizers of the Euromillions lottery and the players, located in different parts of the world. They have offices in every lottery country (for Euromillions it is Austria or Spain). They buy tickets, enter numbers, chosen by the customer and receive winnings if successful. Such companies have both advantages, so and cons. There is only one minus - tickets are much more expensive. Instead of the required 2,5 Euros for a ticket you will pay about 5-7.


  • This purchase scheme completely eliminates fraud., since all intermediaries value their reputation.
  • Everything is as transparent as possible, The guarantee of winning is a scanned copy of the winning Euromillions lotto ticket.
  • Due to high competition, everyone works honestly. Players' complaints instantly spread across the Internet. There has never been a precedent for non-payment of winnings.

Bet on Euromillions

2-th type, is more popular, That's why, that a Euromillions ticket has the same price, as well as purchasing directly in the country where the game is held - about 3 euros.

This became feasible because, that an online platform has been created, where players can place bets to win. Play on such sites are identical to the EuroMillions lottery, purchased offline. The system completely follows its rules, and after the drawing the participants receive the same winnings, as well as the players who bought tickets.

This type of game has many advantages:

  1. Cheap Euromillions tickets
  2. Winnings are paid instantly
  3. Winning Guarantee 100 %, the platform pays for an expensive operating license and, in addition, all prizes are insured.

The first company, Lottoland is considered to operate according to this type. It was founded in 2013 year and since then there has been no case, so that any of the players are not paid the winnings.

Place a bet on Euromillions on a trusted site (let's play ourselves) you can here!

Where to check the results

Big lottery, Therefore, cases of winning the jackpot are reported by central European and Russian media. Check a regular ticket in several ways:

  • watch news broadcasts on Parisian television;
  • go to the organizer's website;
  • find a recording of the draw on the Internet.

Most Euromillions official representatives in other countries notify their customers if they win via SMS, call or message by email.

Important! Channels, who broadcast the draw: BBC1 (Great Britain), RTE One (Ireland), TF1 (England), TVE2 (Spain), Headlines и VRT Één (Belgium), ORF2 (Austria), RTS Two (Switzerland), TVI (Portugal). These channels can be watched in real time online. If you wish, the release of the program for a specific date can easily be found in the English-language segment of the Internet

If you wish, the release of the program for a specific date can easily be found in the English-language segment of the Internet.

Also by foreign operators, working with players remotely, a habit has been established of posting results on their official websites. The speed of disclosure of information depends on the efficiency of the resource owners. On average, information about the circulation that interests Russian players appears with a delay of 1-3 days.

How can I play from Russia?

For residents of our country, there are several options for participating in the EuroMillions lottery.

  • The most logical is to buy a ticket in one of the countries, conducting the drawing. But there is an inconvenience- you need to fly into the country. An excellent option - if you are on vacation or on a business trip and make a purchase at the same time.
  • Buying a Euromillions lottery ticket through an intermediary. In this case, you pay more for the ticket, but the agent sends you a scanned copy of the ticket, if you win, transfers money to you. If you receive the Jackpot, you will have to go to the host country and collect the money using the original ticket.
  • The third option for participating in Euromillions is to place a bet on a game in the Euromillions lottery. There are online platforms, completely copying the game strategy, its mechanism of action and rules. Only you fill out the numbers not on the ticket, and in the table on the website. The payout amounts are identical to the real lottery.

The results of the draw can be found out on Parisian television., on the official EuroMillions website or, in case of purchase through intermediaries, Online. Many people recommend playing Euromillions on TheLotter website ( Also, when collaborating with agents, you receive a notification about winnings.

Play foreign lotteries and you are guaranteed a solid win.

What is the probability of winning?

The probability of getting at least some winning the EuroMillions lottery – 1/13. It is better, than in the American PowerBall and MegaMillions draws - there the chance of winning something is 4-5%.

EuroMillions winnings vary. The more numbers you managed to guess, the more you can get.

We have compiled a table, in which all winning combinations were indicated, their probability and bonuses for lucky players.

Number of “Regular” numbers guessed Number of guessed “Star” numbers Probability of winning Winning (in euros) Winning (in pounds sterling)
2 1 from 23 €4 £2.70
2 1 1 from 46 €8 £5.40
1 2 1 from 156 €10 £6.90
3 1 from 327 €12 £8.20
3 1 1 from 654 €14 £9.80
2 2 1 from 821 €19 £12.80
3 2 1 from 11,771 €59 £40.10
4 1 from 14,387 €101 £68.60
4 1 1 from 28,773 €201 £137.20
4 2 1 from 517.919 €4.143 £2,824.30
5 1 from 3.236.994 €51.792 £35,303.90
5 1 1 from 6.473.989 €310.751 £211,823.60
5 2 1 from 116.531.800 Jackpot Jackpot

To win a prize in the EuroMillions lottery, You need to guess at least two numbers correctly. If you name only one number correctly or guess nothing, then there will be no winning.

Taxation issues

Unlike the Americans. lottery , winnings Most Euromillions participating countries do not charge taxes. The exception is Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. win with the state.

Russians must also pay income tax if they win., whose rate is 13%. Moreover, in the context of taxation, all winnings fall - even young people.

Tax returns and responsibilities for paying taxes are completely distributed to the recipient of the winnings . The declaration must be submitted by 30 April next year, and transfer funds to the tax authority - before 15 July of the same year.

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A little about probabilities

Based on the description of the rules From the above we can conclude, that the European lottery system is somewhat different from the Russian one. lotteries It is not much different from the Russian one. The only difference is the number of additional second cylinders received.

There's no doubt: prizes, which can be won in large open air lotteries, big enough. However, do not forget about the possibility of all numbers matching. When using two lottery machines it is significantly reduced.

Opportunity to win top prizes. EuroMillions lottery is 1 to 139’838’800. We can determine, how small is this probability. This probability is estimated by John Hay. In his book “Change Your Luck” he makes the following interesting comparison: According to statistics, the likelihood that, that a healthy middle-aged man will die within the next year, amounts to 1 To 1000. The probability of dying within the next five minutes is 1 To 105 millions, that is, the chances of dying within the next five minutes are 1 To 100,5 million.

Thus, if you buy a ticket for 5 minutes before the start of the drawing, you are more likely to die, how to win the jackpot (In fact, Certainly. same, Markets ticket in the middle of the last one will not work (since sales stop a few hours before the start of the drawing).

The probability of winning the minimum prize - if you match two numbers from the main cylinder - is one in 22.

How to play foreign lotteries for Russians

Main question, which Russian participants face - how to buy a foreign lottery ticket. There is no point in going to another country specifically for this purpose.. The costs may not be worth it.

Many foreign lotteries do not allow you to purchase tickets online. They are focused on the local market and, although they do not prohibit participation by citizens of other states, they are not especially oriented towards them. Even if buying tickets via the Internet involves playing lotto without intermediaries, this method will only work if you have a good knowledge of foreign languages (at least English).

A solution to the problem can be purchasing online on the website of intermediary agents.. This method is most popular and relevant in 2022 year

It is important to choose a reliable company, so that money is not wasted or even stolen by scammers

Buying tickets online through lottery intermediaries-agents without cheating

One of the largest lottery intermediary agents, working without deception is a company . Her idea was born in 2010 year, and the service was launched in 2012 year. During its operation, the company has created a successful network of lottery agents in many countries around the world. The company's head office is located in Belize, and its representative offices operate in the USA, Spain, Australia, Italy.

Advantages of buying lottery tickets online through Lotto Agent

  • Buying tickets online via the Internet. Citizens of any country can buy tickets for famous foreign lotteries. To do this, it is enough to have a PC or smartphone with Internet access..
  • Fully Russian-language interface. You can play a foreign lottery via the Internet using an agent, even without knowing any foreign languages.
  • Low prices. The cost of a ticket for foreign lotteries from an agent is only slightly higher, than national sellers. The markup covers employee services.
  • Wide choose. The company offers tickets for more than 20 national lotteries. US offers available, Europe and other countries.
  • Reliability. Customer, playing foreign lotto through an agent, sees a scanned copy of the ticket and can independently check the entire progress of the prize draw. The whole process is seamless, because everything is under control and transparent!
  • Support. If the client is lucky to win a foreign lottery, then the company will definitely notify him about this. If you have any questions, you can always contact support.

Which intermediary is better TheLotter or AgentLotto?

In fact, both intermediaries have long proven their honesty and solvency. Both are equally convenient and always available. But, there are several differences:

  1. Price per ticket, or rather the commission, which intermediaries charge. To say exactly, where is it more valuable?, and where is it less difficult?, since it depends on the lottery itself and the discount system. For example, at the time of writing, tickets to AgentLotto are cheaper, if you take several at once, and if you take one at a time, it’s better to play on TheLotter.
  2. Number of lotteries. Both intermediaries have the most popular lotteries. But TheLotter has more choice. Therefore, if you haven’t found, some kind of lottery from the first intermediary, you can look for it from the second one.

Pros and cons of foreign lotteries

An indisputable advantage - prize funds. On a note: a million dollars more than a million rubles more than 80 once!

There are also many more different lotteries on the foreign market. You have room for choice. Fact: the integrity of each foreign lottery is controlled by the relevant authorities, and all results are published in the public domain on websites.

Foreign lotteries often have bonus systems, which allow you to increase your chance of winning.

Well, as a bonus for clearing karma: most organizers donate the money they earn to charity. Buying a lottery ticket, you become part of something good.

Now let's move on to the cons:

  • The language barrier. Almost all foreign lottery sites do not have Russian language.
  • Prohibitions. Almost all sites with foreign lotteries are mercilessly blocked by Roskomnadzor.
  • Taxes. If you win the jackpot, then you will have to pay double tax - in the country, where was the lottery held, and in Russia.

However, These disadvantages cannot cover all the advantages. If you are a fan of playing the lottery, then you should take a closer look at foreign organizers.

Conclusion and conclusions + Video instruction

It’s always nice to talk about pleasant things (sorry for the tautology, but, in our opinion, in this case it does not spoil the text). So I'll start with the positives:

  • high chances of winning
  • frequent circulation, which also, to some extent, increases your chances of winning
  • large jackpots
  • honesty of the organizers

Now - about the shortcomings:

  • availability of taxation on winnings of all categories (in some countries the percentage is very high)
  • short deadline for applying for the main prize (for some countries)

We advise gambling people to try their luck in Euromillions at least once. Firstly, you will gain gaming experience, Secondly, provide yourself with adrenaline for several days, Thirdly, if you're lucky, then significantly increase your budget.

This concludes our review of the Euromillions lottery, if you have anything to add, then write in the comments.


Every week from 80 to 100 millions of players buy EuroMillions tickets, and winning the jackpot seems like a pipe dream. But, there are always reasons, why people play the lottery including becoming a millionaire one day! Winning EuroMillions is the goal, what every lottery player wants to achieve, even if it means waiting years, before winning the grand prize!

Newbies to the game will find it easy to play., following six steps, mentioned in this article. Key moment, which should be remembered, - buy tickets only from reputable ones, licensed retailers or online lottery sites. Although everyone has an equal chance of winning millions, Who said, that this time it is not your turn to become a EuroMillions winner?

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