Results of the latest Euromillions draw: find out the winning numbers

Euromillions lottery

EuroMillion. Latest Draw Results.

When distributing lottery prizes, the number of numbers guessed by the participant is taken into account. In the lottery EuroMillions there are basic numbers and numbers with lucky stars. Depending on the numerical combination of these components, the winners of the game are determined.

The latest circulation is currently considered, which is dated 14 February 2017 of the year (Tuesday). The winning combination of main numbers is as follows: 2, 10, 24, 40, 44. The numerical combination of lucky stars is made up of numbers 3 and 10.

number combination of lucky stars

  • 03
  • 10

This drawing allowed two lucky winners to win the jackpot. Participants from Belgium and Great Britain received as a prize 23 million 570 thousand 709 euro. The second largest prize was in 855 thousand 914 euro, which went to one player, to the one who pleases 5 basic numbers and 1 with a lucky star. The third largest prize in this drawing was 33 thousands 225 euro. This amount made six players happy, the numerical combination of tickets that matched the five main winning numbers.

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