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Claiming Your Winnings

If you win a lottery that you’re playing online it’s just as easy to claim the winnings as it is if you were living in the same country. You can go through the process with the website that you purchased your ticket from. They’ll verify the ticket, your identity, and the win and then they’ll disburse the win to you. That way you can just get back to enjoying yourself and you can do whatever you want with the money that you’ve won. What could be better than that?

Small wins could be enough for you to purchase your next ticket. Larger wins could be enough to buy that special item you’ve been really wanting. No matter what it is that you really like, you’re definitely going to have a good time playing the games and you’ll be able to try out different types of games as well. In fact, there is a whole range of different lotteries available to play online. So, no matter where you actually live, you’re going to have the opportunity to play games that come from entirely different countries.

If you’re looking for the latest results of the EuroMillions then you should take a look at the official website or you could check the local papers for areas where the game is played. You can also take a look at the website you used to purchase your ticket (if you did purchase online) or you can take a look at You’ll be able to find the results and if you purchased your ticket through their service you’ll be able to match up the numbers on your ticket with the winning numbers and see if you’ve won anything.

When you’re ready to play your next round, all you need to do is figure out the numbers that you want to play and you’re going to have no problem getting that ticket and jumping right into your favorite game. EuroMillions isn’t the only one out there, but it’s one that’s definitely going to give you a chance at a great jackpot.

How can I play from Russia?

For residents of our country, there are several options for participating in the EuroMillions lottery.

  • The most logical is to buy a ticket in one of the countries, conducting the drawing. But there is an inconvenience- you need to fly into the country. An excellent option - if you are on vacation or on a business trip and make a purchase at the same time.
  • Buying a Euromillions lottery ticket through an intermediary. In this case, you pay more for the ticket, but the agent sends you a scanned copy of the ticket, if you win, transfers money to you. If you receive the Jackpot, you will have to go to the host country and collect the money using the original ticket.
  • The third option for participating in Euromillions is to place a bet on a game in the Euromillions lottery. There are online platforms, completely copying the game strategy, its mechanism of action and rules. Only you fill out the numbers not on the ticket, and in the table on the website. The payout amounts are identical to the real lottery.

The results of the draw can be found out on Parisian television., on the official EuroMillions website or, in case of purchase through intermediaries, Online. Many people recommend playing in Euromillion on TheLotter website ( Also, when collaborating with agents, you receive a notification about winnings.

Where to play and how to participate in the Euromillions lottery?

If this happens, that you are currently present in one of the Euromillions participating countries, you can visit your nearest lottery outlet and simply buy traditional Euromillions tickets, to participate in this popular Euromillions lottery.

However, if you live outside Europe or are not currently in Europe, You can participate in the Euromillions lottery, buying Euromillions tickets online with one of two trusted lottery agents.

To play and participate in European lotteries Euromillions with TheLotter. Click on the banner below:

If you would like to play the Euromillions lottery with a second lottery agent, you can play the Euromillions lottery with an alternative operator. Click the banner below, to take part in Euromillions:

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How to take part in the EuroMillions lottery?
How to play the EuroMillions lottery?
Where to play the European lottery?
Euromillions. European lottery.
Lottery from Europe.

The Advantages of Playing EuroMillions Online

Don’t play EuroMillions online just because it is the simplest way to get in the game! There are quite a few advantages that come with it! Take a look!

  • Convenience – Fill out your entry, make the online purchase, and you are done. Then, you can check results and catch up on the latest news online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Play EuroMillions with Official Tickets – theLotter gets you official EuroMillions tickets from authorized retailers and then stores them safely on your behalf. You are the only legal owner of the ticket, which means that you are entitled to all the winnings it may generate.
  • Safety – When you play with physical tickets, you have to find a safe place to store them. When you play EuroMillions on theLotter, your tickets are stored in a safe for you. If you win any of the EuroMillions prizes, you can rest assured that your entry is safe.
  • Automatic Win Notifications – Millions in prize money go uncollected every year. When you play online, you’ll be notified via email or SMS every time you win.
  • Play Strategy Opportunities – theLotter offers EuroMillions syndicates, bundles, and systematic forms, which can help you improve your odds of winning. Boost your game by playing online!

How to win the European Euromillions lottery?

To win the main prize in the Euromillions game, the lottery player needs to correctly select all the main numbers and both luck numbers.

However, in some rare cases there is an exception to this rule. In certain circumstances it is actually possible to win the top prize in Euromillions, only by guessing the correct main numbers 5 and only a lucky number 1, and sometimes even without any lucky number!

This particular option, to win the main prize, requires more detailed explanation. Because we understand, that many lottery players ask themselves: how to win the Euromillions lottery, without guessing all the required numbers?

Here's the explanation:

The Euromillions lottery operator introduced the maximum bet for the main prize in the amount of 190 million euros. If this maximum grand prize (cost 190 million euros) will not be won for consecutive games 5, then during the 6th, if there is still no winner of the main prize, this prize is distributed among lottery players from the second level. However, if there are still no second level winners during this 6th round, this prize is distributed to third level winners.

Second level winners must correctly guess all the main numbers and only the lucky number 1

Level 3 winners must only correctly guess all the main numbers without any lucky numbers.

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Combine your resources with other players, to increase your chances of winning

Syndicate – This is a proven way to win the lottery, with their help you win more 25% lottery. Each lottery ticket purchased has one chance of winning. But if the syndicate participants bought 100 or 1000 tickets, then the chances increase accordingly! The more players in the syndicate, the higher the chances!

Team up with 39 players and purchase:

80 combinations for:


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Team up with 39 players and purchase:

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you save: 87%

Team up with 39 players and purchase:

500 combinations for:


3 combinations for:


Only ₪0.91 per combination

you save: 90%

An example of how a syndicate works

Ten people join a syndicate. They buy 10 lottery tickets (each one one at a time). The cost of participation for each person is the same, as if he were playing alone, the chances of winning increase by 10 once. If one of these tickets wins, then the winnings are divided between all syndicate participants. Because there are usually a lot of tickets in the syndicate, then often more than one ticket wins. That's why, if you like to win, join one of the syndicates. We took upon ourselves all the work of organizing syndicates., All you have to do is join one of the syndicates and start playing.

Why you need to join syndicates

By joining one of the syndicates, you will play together with other players, with a common goal of winning! Pooling your resources with other players, You increase your chances of winning. Each player chooses those numbers, which he wants. That's why, even playing in a syndicate, You put your personality into it.

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How to play Euromillions

Buy a Euromillion ticket. This can be done in the country, on the territory where the drawings are held. There is also the possibility of purchasing on intermediary sites. In the latter case, we recommend that you carefully choose an intermediary company and buy only from a trusted dealer, one of them is TheLotter (in Russia it is called Onlinebooths).

  • Be of legal age (although in the UK players are allowed to be 16 years old).
  • Fill in the playing fields, according to the rules of the game.
  • Wait for the draw, and then receive a guaranteed prize.
  • Pay taxes (if the winnings are cashed in Russia or another country of your residence).

How to buy a ticket from Russia

Recently, the opportunity to play Euromillions and other foreign lotteries has finally appeared in Russia. This became possible thanks to intermediaries. But when buying a ticket it is worth considering, that there are 2 types of such companies.

Intermediaries with official (paper) tickets

1-th type: Directly an intermediary company between the organizers of the Euromillions lottery and the players, located in different parts of the world. They have offices in every lottery country (for Euromillions it is Austria or Spain). They buy tickets, enter numbers, chosen by the customer and receive winnings if successful. Such companies have both advantages, so and cons. There is only one minus - tickets are much more expensive. Instead of the required 2,5 Euros for a ticket you will pay about 5-7.


  • This purchase scheme completely eliminates fraud., since all intermediaries value their reputation.
  • Everything is as transparent as possible, The guarantee of winning is a scanned copy of the winning Euromillions lotto ticket.
  • Due to high competition, everyone works honestly. Players' complaints instantly spread across the Internet. There has never been a precedent for non-payment of winnings.

Bet on Euromillions

2-th type, is more popular, That's why, that the Euromillions ticket has such same cost, as well as purchasing directly in the country where the game is held - about 3 euros.

This became feasible because, that an online platform has been created, where players can place bets to win. Play on these sites identical to the EuroMillions lottery, purchased offline. The system completely follows its rules, and after the drawing the participants receive the same winnings, as well as those who bought tickets players.

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This type of game has many advantages:

  1. Cheap Euromillions tickets
  2. Winnings are paid instantly
  3. Winning Guarantee 100 %, the platform pays for an expensive operating license and, in addition, all prizes are insured.

The first company, Lottoland is considered to operate according to this type. It was founded in 2013 year and since then there has been no case, so that any of the players are not paid the winnings.

Place a bet on Euromillions on a trusted site (let's play ourselves) you can here!

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