Winning ticket in the Euromillions lottery 825: chance in millions!

Euromillions lottery: review, lottery rules and results

Interesting things about Euromillions

Here I want to share with you some interesting facts about the lottery itself., to me, For example, it was interesting to know about them:

  • One of our compatriots was fond of lottery games. He took part exclusively in foreign lotteries for three years and during this time he managed to win 22 prizes of various categories. But his main victory was, what did he guess 5 main and one additional number in Euromillions.
  • The winnings amounted to 144,290 euros. To receive the reward, the lucky winner had to seek help from an intermediary, who organized the winner's trip to Spain and receiving the winnings.
  • The largest number of EuroMillions lottery winners live in France. And these are not the same, who won the trifle, and the winners of major prizes. In a lucky country there are 67 millionaires from Euromillions. Great Britain has second place in terms of luck. Third - Portugal.
  • EuroMillions partially financed the Olympic Games in Great Britain (2013 year).
  • The biggest Euromillions jackpot was won by the Bayford couple in 2012 year - 190 million euros. Is it true, after winning the couple divorced. It's true what they say - money doesn't buy happiness.

Who has the right to play and win??

You can legally buy EuroMillions Lottery tickets, if you 18 years and older (16 years and older in the UK) and you are physically located in one of the participating countries. Countries, who participate in EuroMillions:

  • United Kingdom and Isle of Man
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

To play EuroMillions you do not need to be a resident or citizen of one of the participating countries. If you are in the country on vacation or business, you can buy a ticket. But you must be physically present in one of these countries, to legally buy a ticket, even online. You also need to be physically present in the country, where did you buy the ticket, to get a prize.

You don't have to be an EU resident or citizen to play. It means, that Brexit will not affect the ability of UK citizens to play EuroMillions.

Many of these countries offer free tickets to other lotteries when you purchase a EuroMillions ticket, For example, in the above mentioned game UK Millionaire Maker.

Beware of lottery scams and offers; you cannot buy tickets on international lines, and you can't win, if you didn't buy a ticket during your European visit. If you unexpectedly receive an email or letter about, that you are a EuroMillions winner, you are being deceived.

Euromillions game rules

Players select a combination of five main numbers from 1 to 50, as well as two star rooms from 1 to 12. Ticket sales stop at 20:30 French time on the day of the relevant lottery draw. The rules are simple: the more numbers and stars the participant guesses, the higher his winnings will be.

When you go to the site you can see the line, which consists of five identical columns. Each has fifty squares. The second part contains twelve squares. They are all numbered. The player places a check mark under the values ​​he has chosen. There is an additional option, opening more lines. The total amount of combinations is displayed in the lower right corner. Next, the lottery participant pays for the tickets using one of the twenty available methods. After payment, tickets are accepted for processing and officially become participants in the lottery.

Player, who correctly indicated the combination in full, gets the jackpot. The main prize amount will be from 17 million euros. But if in a certain draw it was not played, then it is transferred cumulatively to the next. The maximum jackpot size can be 200 million euros. The minimum winnings are for correctly guessing two numbers.

How to buy EuroMillions tickets

If (and only if) you are in one of the participating countries, you can buy EuroMillions tickets online, and also in local stores. Also, like with Powerball and other lotteries, you can find EuroMillions retailers in convenience stores and similar places.

When do you buy EuroMillions tickets?, you can choose your own numbers or use the Lucky Dip or Quick Pick option, allowing the lottery software to randomly select your numbers.

Each set of tickets costs 2,50 euro, 2,50 pound sterling or 3,50 Swiss franc, depending on, where do you buy tickets. You can choose up to 70 sets of numbers for one ticket. If you buy online, you can also choose, which of the two weekly draws do you want to play?, and choose the same numbers in future weeks.

How to participate in the lottery from Russia?

However, even without being a resident of one of the countries listed above, You can purchase a ticket through an intermediary company. You can go to a verified representative of one of these companies by clicking the “Buy a ticket” button at the top of the page.

Companies, providing such services, give you the opportunity to go to the website and select numbers. The intermediary places the bid, she takes part in the draw. The algorithm for participating in the lottery is as follows:

  1. Choose five numbers and two stars. This function will also be replaced by “Speed ​​Dial” - in this case a random number combination will be selected. If a person buys a ticket on his own, then he marks five of the fifty numbers on the lottery ticket, as well as two stars out of twelve available.
  2. If the game takes place in a participating country or the person has used the Internet, then you can select additional combinations. They are indicated in the same way. Each additional combination is paid.

The seller accepts the EuroMillions lottery ticket, places a bet. Payment is made using a bank card (any bank will do). Tickets are not printed, but simply saved in the user’s personal account. Tickets purchased online are considered identical to regular tickets when printed..

It is worth noting, that players can take part in additional draws, which may differ in different countries. The same combinations are played, as selected in the main ticket. Eg, in Austria there is a lottery linked, which gives you a chance to win up to 100 thousand euros. There is no huge jackpot in Belgium, however here at least 600 players benefit every time from 500 euro. In France there is a chance to become the owner of a prize amounting to 1 million euros. In Ireland, ten players are guaranteed to receive a prize 5 thousand euros. In Luxembourg, lucky winners are guaranteed prizes from 10 to 100 thousand euros. In Portugal you can become a prize winner in 1 million euros. In Switzerland the prize ranges from 25 to 150 thousand euros. In the UK the amount is set at 1 million euros. All these lotteries are secondary, they give "second chances" to players, who were unlucky in the main lottery.

And what, if you win?

EuroMillions drawings are broadcast on television in all participating countries. Winning numbers are also posted on the Internet.

Jackpot winners may remain anonymous. They have a certain time, before they have to claim their prize, which depends on the country, where you bought your ticket. Good idea – take advantage of this time, to get a financial team in place and organize your affairs differently.

You must receive your prize in the country, where did you buy the ticket. Even other countries, selling EuroMillions tickets, cannot distribute prizes from tickets, acquired outside their jurisdiction.

EuroMillions Prizes and Odds

EuroMillions has an incredible 13 prize tiers, and the prize amounts per tier are based on a certain percentage of the prize fund.

The prize fund is 50% of ticket sales for that draw, and the minimum jackpot prize is €17 million-which is excellent.

Like its main competitor Eurojackpot, the EuroMillions jackpot rolls over if there are no winners.

A rule change in early 2021 set the jackpot cap at €220 million instead of the €190 million.

The rule stated that after the jackpot reached this amount, it would continue until there was a winner or remain at that amount for five draws.

If there were no winners on the fifth draw, the prize would be shared by winners in the lower tier.

Once this occurred, the next cycle had a maximum jackpot of €210,000,000 for five draws.

This cycle continued, increasing by €10,000,000 each cycle, and it is now at €220 million. This will continue it reaches a maximum of €250,000,000.

EuroMillions occasionally holds Event Draws and Super Draws, which are draws that are set to a guaranteed jackpot amount, typically of €100,000,000.

Jackpots for Super Draws roll over to the next draw if there is no winner. Meanwhile, jackpots for Event Draws are split between winners in the next tier if there is no winner.

EuroMillions’ jackpot odds are 1 in 139,838,160, which are pretty tough. However, the best EuroMillions syndicates available online can improve these odds to as little as 1 in 138,728.

Moreover, players have a pretty good 1 in 13 chance of winning any prize during a draw.

The odds for each prize tier are as follows:

Numbers Matched

Odds of Winning

Expected Winnings

5 + 2

1 in 139,838,160


5 + 1

1 in 6,991,908



1 in 3,107,515


4 + 2

1 in 621,503


4 + 1

1 in 31,075


3 + 2

1 in 14,125



1 in 13,811


2 + 2

1 in 985


3 + 1

1 in 706



1 in 314


1 + 2

1 in 188


2 + 1

1 in 49



1 in 22


How to increase your chances of winning?

The jackpot size is published before the start of the drawing. The game offers thirteen different prize categories. There is no exact prize size for a specific combination. The thing is, that all prize sizes, including jackpot, are calculated depending on, exactly how many tickets were purchased?, and also that, how many winning tickets were there in a certain prize category. It's clear, that the more people bet on one successful combination, the smaller the prize each of them will receive.

Chances of winning vary depending on, how many combinations will be won. Euromillions lottery, chances of winning:

Prize category (number of coincidences) Probability of winning Average prize size
5 + 2 stars Jackpot 1:139 838 160 51 000 000€
5 + 1 star jackpot 1:6 991 908 449 000€
5 1:3 107 515 72 000€
4 + 2 stars 1:621 503 4 000€
4 + 1 star 1:31 076 192€
3 + 2 stars 1:14 126 85€
4 1:13 812 80€
2 + 2 stars 986 19€
3 + 1 star 1:707 14€
3 1:314 12€
1 + 2 stars 1:188 10€
2 + 1 star 1:50 7€
2 1:22 4€

Alas, but no mathematical theories help you beat the lottery. You can maximize your chances, entering only all available number combinations, as well as regularly participating in Euromillions. But frequent participation does not guarantee 100% winnings.. An example is the story of seventeen-year-old Jack Park from Scotland. A young man bought a lottery ticket for the first time and immediately won 1 million euros.

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