Британия в ожидании выигрыша: евромиллионы в центре внимания

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What is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery which gives a chance to win a 17-190 million Jackpot in each draw to any player from any country in the world. The word «pan-European» means «common to several European governments». Several European states form EuroMillions prize pool, that’s why the game’s prizes are so good.

EuroMillions is a comparatively young game: it first was held in 2004 in Paris. Ever after, EuroMillions draws have been held in this beautiful city. EuroMillions is regulated by three lottery operators: Française des Jeux (France), Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Spain), and Camelot Group (the United Kingdom).

If you wish to buy a EuroMillions ticket offline, you can do it in the following countries:

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Great Britain
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Luxembourg
  • Liechtenstein
  • Monaco
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

EuroMillions Countries

Euromillions, Euromillуnes, Euromilhхes, Euromillionen Winning Strategy: Pick the Numbers Most Likely to Hit in the Next Loto Draw

There is no lotto strategy that I specifically designed for Euromillions. But you can apply the general lotto and lottery strategy I present on the main strategy page. You can divide Euromillions in two games: One game draws five numbers, the other draws two numbers. It is similar to the Mega Millions or Powerball-type of games. I present Powerball-type strategies based on the first five regular lotto numbers.

The mathematics of lotto and lottery, including Euromillions, is founded on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling:

        log(1 — DC)

N = —————-

       log(1 — p)

In the there is a column p=1/8 that describes exactly a lotto game drawing 6 winning numbers from a field of 48 numbers. 6 divided by 48 is 1/8 or 0.125. That’s how you calculate the probability p, when considering one lotto number at a time. If the Euromillions game draws 5 regular numbers from a field of 50 numbers, the individual probability is equal to 5/50. That is very important parameter. It is thoroughly analyzed at this website, specifically on the main page dedicated to lottery strategies.

Simply select any 5 Euromillions regular numbers that show as current skips figures under the FFG median (e.g. from 0 to 8 — always run the skip reporting software for your current game format). Your odds of winning the Euromillions improve seven-fold. This is a formula-backed fact.

You can download from this site special software that analyzes the skips for the Euromillions game: Skip System. Open the two reports (SKIPEU.1 and SKIPEU.2) in a text editor, like MDIEditor Lotto. You may want to set the font to Courier 10 point. The report #2 can be of valuable help to you! Read also: Necessary Updates to the Pick Lottery, Lotto and Roulette Skips Software.

The most powerful software capable of handling the game of Euromillions is known to the world as MDIEditor Lotto. It has specific functions that crunch the Euromillуnes: statistical reporting (frequency and skips), filter analysis, and optimized combination generator. Read the comprehensive MDIEditor Lotto WE: Lottery Software Manual, Book, ebook, Help. Steps in menu: Lotto, then Euromillions 5+2, then type of Euromillions-combination generating.

• Not to mention, MDIEditor Lotto is totally free (for registered members of the software download site)!

This site offers also the best, bar none, Euromillions random numbers generator and odds calculator. The engines are online ActiveX controls you can run at any time — freely, of course! Not to mention that the Euromillions combinations are optimized. You won’t find such feature anywhere else.

Other valuable resources include the past results, draws of Euromillions from the beginning of the lottery game and statistical reports of the Euromillions lotto numbers ranked by frequency. Such resources require paid membership (a reasonable fee valid for the lifetime of this site).

Билеты онлайн

Для тех, кто хочет принять участие, но не может себе позволить совершить поездку во Францию или Австрию для покупки билета, и создан сервис онлайн продажи  the Lotter. На нем можно легко получить доступ к билетам этой лотереи по практически тем же самым ценам, по которым приобретают свои жители Соединенного Королевства и других стран! Для этого нужно только зарегистрироваться на сайте и внести нужную  для покупки билета сумму на депозит. И тогда перед Вами откроется уникальный мир лотереи Euro Millions и ее невероятных джек-потов и шансов на выигрыш. В одном из 11 случаев Вы можете выиграть, пусть иногда эта сумма будет минимальной. Нужно сказать, что такие шансы рассчитаны с учетом различных дополнительных розыгрышей, которые присутствуют на билетах из разных стран. При покупке билетов на этом сервисе Вы получите и доступ к дополнительным розыгрышам тоже!

Кроме того, такие покупки доступны из любой точки мира и позволят Вам, где бы вы ни были, не только следить за тем, как люди получают богатство, играя в лотерею, но и стать одним из этих счастливчиков!  Получение Вашего выигрыша гарантирует не только сам сервис, но и уполномоченный агент лотереи.

Надоело жить от зарплаты до зарплаты? Испытай удачу! Участвуй в одной из самых прибыльных лотерей мира, где бы ты не находился, покупая билеты онлайн!

Can EuroMillions winners stay anonymous?

One of the best things about EuroMillions is as follows: if you win, you can stay anonymous. In the UK, France, Spain or Portugal, the locality name (the town/city/village name) is normally disclosed, but the detailed information isn’t given. In other regions, you can claim total anonymity.

However, there are two more options for lottery winners: they can go public or choose partial anonymity. If you choose to go public, you’ll have some media obligations, also, you’ll have to take part in TV-shows and press conferences, but you’ll get a portion of fame. If you choose partial anonymity, you’ll have to allow the lottery organizers to disclose you age, occupation and general location.

One might think that Euro Millions winners prefer to remain in the shadows, because no one likes annoying attention. However, this is a misconception. Of the 12 biggest EuroMillions winners, six have chosen to stay incognito, while other six wished to get their moment of glory. Young winners almost always choose to go public. If you want our advice, we recommend to stay anonymous.

Best Euromillions Numbers Based on Frequency

statistical reports for Euromillions (number frequency)5/50 + 2/11parpaluckhotmildcoldFrequency Rank

The first graphic shows the Top 10 Euromillions numbers ranked by frequency regardless of position.

                The Euromillions 5/50 & 2/11 Numbers Ranked by Frequency 
                File: C:\EuroMillions\DATA-EU
                Draws Analysed:  545    Date: 07-28-2016
                Frequency norms based on probabilities:  10.00% &  18.18%

         R E G U L A R   Numbers              E U R O   S T A R S
 Rank  Regular #  Hits   Percentage        Star #   Hits   Percentage

   1      10       69      12.66%             10     119      21.83%
   2      44       68      12.48%              8     115      21.10%
   3      23       67      12.29%              2     112      20.55%
   4      26       65      11.93%              9     108      19.82%
   5      30       64      11.74%              5      99      18.17%
   6      28       64      11.74%             11      98      17.98%
   7      27       63      11.56%              3      96      17.61%
   8      25       63      11.56%              1      95      17.43%
   9      38       61      11.19%              7      90      16.51%
  10       5       61      11.19%              4      81      14.86%

The second graphic shows the Top 10 Euromillions numbers ranked by frequencies position by position.

View the charts showing the sums or sum-totals with the respective amount of combinations for this European multinational lottery game: Euromillions Sums chart. The unique lottery and lotto software to plot the sum charts is Sums.

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