Euro miljoene resultate 06.02.2024: jongste wennommers

EuroMillions Lotery Wenners

Euro Millions Results

Check EuroMillions results for 16 Februarie 2024 to find out if you’ve won a prize today, with all winning numbers displayed. The database of how many players from Ireland and all over Europe have won the division each day will also be provided separately on our website so stay tuned. Also you can find only Ireland Raffle and Euromillions plus draw results from As all players know, the EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday, each ticket costs £2.50 and includes automatic entry into the UK Millionaire Maker draw. Since it is included that’s why anyone can participate so a large number of people are looking for this update and see the latest information given below.

EuroMillions Results for Friday 16 Februarie 2024


Vrydag 16, Februarie 2024

Tonight’s National Lottery EuroMillions winning numbers are: 00, 00, 00, 00, 00 and the Lucky Stars are: 0, 00.


Wennommers 0, 00, 00, 00, 00
Gelukkige ster 0, 00

About EuroMillions Results 2024

Everyone knows EuroMillions tickets cost $2.50 so anyone can participate. You have to select five numbers from one to fifty and two numbers from 12 aan 12 so you have to match a total of seven numbers to win a jackpot. And just by matching a few million numbers, you can at least win some prizes. Egter, we will not discuss this, here this post is published only to inform about the results. If you want to know about other matters, you can contact the authorities and collect the exact information from there. Live drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday at 8:20 PM GMT. The Million Maker Code alone can make you a millionaire so if you’re lucky you’ll be a millionaire tonight for sure.

EuroMillions Resultate Geskiedenis

From the official website of the National Lottery, we have collected the EuroMillions size history and presented the database here, you can have a look at it. A large number of visitors search online to know this news, that’s why we have provided here with its document so you can see past EuroMillions results. To find out more past day winning numbers you have to visit the official website and you won’t get it anywhere else. So we have mentioned this topic to give you a proper idea so feel free to check last month EuroMillions Results History 2024 through our website.

Past EuroMillions Results

Datum Getalle Sterre Boerpot
19/01/2024 27 – 28 – 44 – 48 – 50 07 – 12 £14,500,000
16/01/2024 10 – 18 – 21 – 33 – 45 08 – 12 £75,700,000
12/01/2024 16 – 17 – 18 – 45 – 49 09 – 12 £67,000,000
09/01/2024 02 – 09 – 12 – 39 – 40 01 – 03 £55,000,000
05/01/2024 04 – 07 – 18 – 39 – 50 03 – 08 £46,300,000
02/01/2024 07 – 15 – 18 – 46 – 49 10 – 12 £34,000,000
29/12/2023 02 – 03 – 19 – 36 – 37 06 – 09 £26,000,000
26/12/2023 08 – 27 – 30 – 35 – 47 09 – 10 £14,000,000
22/12/2023 06 – 14 – 34 – 44 – 49 04 – 12 £46,000,000
19/12/2023 10 – 20 – 41 – 43 – 45 02 – 12 £34,000,000

Final Words

You can stay with our website regularly to get such updated news which will surely be useful for you. Natuurlik, if you like this post, don’t forget to share it so that other players can also get information, and if you have any opinion or question about this article, you can let us know, we will try to reply as soon as possible. To get lotto winning numbers from other countries, please visit other articles on our website.

Euromillions Vrydag Resultate 16 Februarie 2024 – Gereelde vrae

1. Wat is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is 'n internasionale lotery waar spelers probeer om sewe nommers te pas om die boerpot te wen, bestaande uit 5 hoofnommers en 2 Lucky Star Nommers.

2. Wanneer is EuroMillions bekendgestel?

EuroMillions was launched on February 7, 2004, deur dobbelorganisasies in Frankryk, Spanje, en die Verenigde Koninkryk.

3. Hoe het EuroMillions uitgebrei sedert sy bekendstelling?

Aanvanklik betrek die Verenigde Koninkryk, Frankryk, en Spanje, EuroMillions het in Oktober uitgebrei 2004 om lande soos Oostenryk in te sluit, België, Ierland, Luxemburg, Portugal, en Switserland.

4. Hoeveel reëls getalle kan spelers kies in EuroMillions?

Spelers kan kies tot 7 reëls van getalle vir elke trekking.

Hoe EuroMillions werk

Soortgelyk aan die Eurojackpot-speletjie, EuroMillions word oor verskeie Europese lande bestuur, wat die groot aantal spelers in elke trekking toelaat om die boerpot tot in die miljoene te verhoog.

Elke Dinsdag en Vrydagaand, die EuroMillions-trekking vind in Parys plaas en word in die deelnemende lande hetsy op TV of aanlyn uitgesaai. Vyf hoofgetalle word uit die eerste masjien getrek, gevolg deur twee Lucky Stars van 'n aparte masjien.

EuroMillions word in Oostenryk gespeel, België, Frankryk, Ierland, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spanje, Switserland en die Verenigde Koninkryk. Oorspronklik is die speletjie in Frankryk bekendgestel, Spanje en die Verenigde Koninkryk, egter binne die eerste jaar van bedryf, die speletjie het so gewild geword dat dit uitgebrei het om 'n ekstra ses lande in te sluit.

Daar is variasies in hoe die spel gespeel word in elke land, die basisspel is egter dieselfde. Sommige lande bied bykomende trekkings of tweedekanstrekkings aan, terwyl ander die kans bied om pryse wat gewen word wanneer 'n Lucky Star teen 'n ekstra fooi ooreenstem, 'n hupstoot te gee.

Wanneer weddery internasionaal, jy wed op die basisspel, uitgesluit enige trekkings of tweede kans promosies. Dit laat toe dat die toegangskoste laag bly, while ensuring that you still have the chance to win jackpots that can easily reach nine figures!

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