Euromillions super jackpots: best lottery in Europe

Review of the European international lottery euromillions | worldview of Russian civilization

National European lotteries

As mentioned earlier, you can try to take part in some domestic and non-European lotteries. To purchase a member coupon, you need to go to the official portal of the company, which deals with sweepstakes and carefully study all the information to participate.

When purchasing such lotteries on the Internet, You should definitely take into account the percentage of the intermediary’s commission. Naturally, It’s best not to take part in unfamiliar lotteries, so we've put together a rundown of some worthy giveaways.

Ireland lotto

The main advantage of this lottery is that, that no tax is charged on winnings. Regardless of the prize size, you can be sure of receiving the full amount, excluding intermediary commission.

You can play without an intermediary on the official portal, where all the rules and features are described in detail.

  • the main prize is 2 million euros;
  • the game is played according to the formula 6/47.

The Primitive

One of the oldest Spanish lotteries. Since the very first draw of this lottery fell on Halloween, the most popular numbers are 6 and 13.

  • the main prize is 5 million euros;
  • the game follows the formula 5/54 and an additional draw 1/10;
  • there are two levels of the game, where you need to select a combination of 6 or 11 numbers.

German lottery

The lottery, which is popular in Germany. Its first circulation was held back in the 70s of the last century.. Despite, that the main prize is relatively small, this lottery remains popular among Germans.

  • Grand Prize 1 million euros with constant increase after each drawing;
  • the game follows the formula 6/49.


You may still have questions, which we understand very well. Those, who wants to try their luck, i play Euromillions, interesting prizes await, and we really wouldn't want to, so that you miss them. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions, as well as links to the relevant sections of this post.

How much does a Euromillions lottery ticket cost??

If you want to play Euromillions, minimal game – one line per draw, what will it cost you 2.50 euro. You can buy a ticket in countries, who don't use the euro, and the ticket price will depend on the local currency. For reference, in the UK it costs 2.50 pound sterling.

Where can I buy a Euromillions ticket??

Euromillions tickets can be bought in nine different countries. You do not need to be a resident of any of these countries, to play and participate in the drawing. You can , but you should be no less 18 years. Besides, you can play Euromillions online from most countries, just by registering an account.

When is the EuroMillions draw??

Draw days – every Tuesday and Friday. You can play on either day or both. You can also select the number of weeks, which ones do you want to play?. If you want to take part in the draw, you need to buy a ticket before 7.30:XNUMX GMT, lasts for about 8.00:8.10 до XNUMX:XNUMX GMT at the office of the French operator of the national lottery in Paris.

Where can I find Euromillions results?

It's very easy to check the latest latest Euromillions results and details of previous draws, by visiting the Euromillions website. You can select a specific result and view prize distribution details or automatic verification of your ticket. Results are usually available a couple of hours after the draw.

What was the biggest Euromillions win??

The biggest Euromillions win so far has been . It was won by someone from the UK in July 2022 of the year. The winner decided, that he wants to remain anonymous. The total amount of the record jackpot was 195,707,000 XNUMX pounds sterling.. Total 15 British tickets won a jackpot of over 100 million pounds in the history of the National Lottery.

What are the rules of Euromillions

EuroMillions rules are quite simple and a bit similar to similar lotteries. But it’s still worth studying them carefully first., how to start playing.

On the ticket 2 playing fields - large and small. In the main field you need to select 5 numbers from 1 to 50. In additional - choose 2 numbers from 1 to 12. To get the minimum winnings it is enough 2 numbers guessed on the main field. If you guessed everything 7, then start celebrating your victory - the Jackpot is yours!

Euromillions also hosts additional draws - the Millionaire Maker is the most popular of them. According to his rules, you can win a million euros just for this, that your ticket number matches the number, issued by the lottery machine.

Tickets online

For those, who wants to take part, but cannot afford to travel to France or Austria to purchase a ticket, and the online sales service the Lotter was created. Here you can easily access tickets for this lottery at almost the same prices, by which residents of the United Kingdom and other countries purchase! To do this, you just need to register on the website and deposit the amount required to purchase a ticket.. And then the unique world of the Euro Millions lottery and its incredible jackpots and chances of winning will open before you. In one of 11 cases you can win, let sometimes this amount be minimal. Need to say, that such odds are calculated taking into account various additional draws, which are present on tickets from different countries. When purchasing tickets on this service, you will also receive access to additional draws.!

Besides, such purchases are available from anywhere in the world and will allow you, wherever you are, not only keep an eye on it, how do people get wealth, playing the lottery, but also to become one of these lucky ones! Receipt of your winnings is guaranteed not only by the service itself, but also an authorized lottery agent.

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Try your luck! Take part in one of the most profitable lotteries in the world, wherever you are, buying tickets online!

What are EuroMillions prizes??

When you play EuroMillions you have a chance to win a bird but also a prize from one of 12 other prize levels.

You will choose from two sets of numbers:

  • Five numbers from 1 to 50
  • 2 Lucky Stars numbers from 1 to 12


rating 4.3

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Prizes are calculated as a percentage of prize fund, which depends on the number of tickets, sold before each drawing. You will be able to see exactly, how much did you win, when to view EuroMillions draw results online.

Here's a quick reference table, showing, what numbers do you need to guess correctly?, to be eligible for each level.

Categories Main numbers Lucky star numbers % prize fund Average prize
a bird 5 2 To 50%
2 5 1 2.61% €200,738
3 5 0.61% €20,851
4 4 2 0.19% €1,299
5 4 1 0.35% €120
6 3 2 0.37% €57
7 4 0.26% €39
8 2 2 1.3% €14
9 3 1 1.45% €11
10 3 2.7% €9
11 1 2 3.27% €7
12 2 1 10.3% €6
13 2 16.59% €4

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coll, 04/04/2015 — 11:03



Is anyone here playing Euromillions??

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  • 1074 viewing

I knew a girl who played with a band, in my opinion they chipped in on a larger selection of numbers and won. True, the size of the winnings was not announced, but I don't think so, that a small amount could impress her.

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# Henri


mon, 06/04/2015 — 13:08

You are well done! Unfortunately I can't play online. I'm in Russia. And I wish you victory in all games! may your dreams and wishes come true!

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I can't play. I'm in Russia

they play Euromillions there?

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# Henri


mon, 06/04/2015 — 13:14

In Russia they are trying to play through intermediary sites))) and this is a complete scam

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I think there is a reason only with a group, but there before 3000 one draw and you need to trust those you are playing with... maybe they will register all the participants.

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I think there is a reason only with a group

I played with a band for several years 35-40 Human, still not great )

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)))) I'm speaking from the experience of a girl I know) but there is hope)

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That's what I thought, that someone in the group is not lucky,so I decided to give up on group sex and continue to play in splendid isolation )

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My cousin plays too 10 years, the biggest thing I won was 30000. But he stubbornly buys a card every week for 13 euro...

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I crossed out the same numbers for several years in a row., and when I decided to change the combination and crossed out the others,5 from 6 long-term fell out,I can't put into words, what I felt then. Now I only take the device options.)

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In Russia they are trying to play through intermediary sites))) and this is a complete scam

send your numbers, the minimum set - I'll pay, winning in half - forum participants are witnesses)

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# Henri


mon, 06/04/2015 — 13:51

on the ticket 6 fields by 2 euro? and multi-print of 10 You can bet forward games?

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I'm already bigger 10 I've been playing for years,both Euromillions and Lotto,I really invest the minimum. Well, I’m not lucky yet for a big win,so for now I live modestly)

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# Henri


mon, 06/04/2015 — 13:09

I wish you a speedy victory! Least 2 Euro suitcase - for ten years of your game!

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Henri, thanks to you, I decided to play the lotto a couple of times.

They say, what if you have intuition, then why don't you use it in roulette?. I took advantage, although I always knew, that this is a distorting mirror effect. The result is impressive, but it doesn’t satisfy. For the jackpot, the devil confused the numbers and didn’t let me look at the others in the stars, except the second one 6, all the rest matched, Just 1 and 9 in the last numbers the places had to be changed.

Thank you for my shaken psyche and the lost 760,400,47 euros; I'm attaching a scan:

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The pan-European EuroMillions Lottery is popular due to the possibility of winning nine-figure sums. Since its inception, records have been broken more than once, according to the amount of winnings, same with jackpot.

Biggest winnings

Descending order:

  • 000.000€ — 26.02.2021. (Switzerland).
  • 000.000€ — 11.12.2020. (France).
  • 000.000€ - in 2012. (Great Britain), 2014Mr. (Portugal), 2017Mr. (Spain) and 2019. (Great Britain).
  • 000.000€ - 12.07.2011. (Great Britain).
  • 475.380€ — 19.02.2019. (Ireland).

Record jackpots

The numbers are impressive:

  • 000.000€ — 26.02.2021. - received the winnings 1 winner.
  • 000.000€ — 11.12.2020. — 1 winner.
  • 000.000€ - in 2012, 2014Mr., 2017Mr. and 2019. - one winner each.
  • 937.614€ — 25.06.2013. — 2 winner.
  • 000.000€ - 12.07.2011. — 1 winner.
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